why I want to be Katy Perry

Because then I could wear a watermelon romper, a dress with a built-in carousel, heart-shaped sunglasses,  a popcorn dress, and have a blue bob
Katy perry movie dress!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry
katy perry
Katy Perry - #KP3D
And no one would think I'm out of my mind, they'd say, "Oh, she's just being Katy!" 
   Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson[1] (born October 25, 1984), known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Perry grew up with gospel music, and during her first year of high school she pursued a music career as Katy Hudson, releasing her first studio album called Katy Hudson which failed to chart. She recorded a solo album later, which was never released. After signing with Capitol Music Group in 2007, her fourth record label in seven years, she adopted the stage name Katy Perry. (courtesy of the fine folks at Wikipedia). 
   Katy Perry: Part of Me was released in 3D on July 5th. The documentary/concert style film tells the story of Katy's difficult rise to stardom, from her strict upbringing, to getting rejected by multiple record labels until finally making it big with "I Kissed A Girl." The film also follows the California Dreams tour (with plenty of performance footage) and the demise of her romance with Russell Brand.
Katy Perry Movie!
   Things I loved about it: well first of all, this movie poster. Who hasn't been there?? The movie was wildly entertaining, I mean, her performances are INSANE. Like, over-the-top is an understatement. Did you love Candyland as a kid? I did! Who wouldn't want to be performing in a life-size candy world? I was amazed at how raw and real the movie portrayed her. I'm gonna be honest, I cried twice. How can you be Katy Perry and excited and performing when your marriage is crumbling and you feel terrible? Honestly though, she did work her butt off to get where she is. And although I can't agree with everything she says or does, she definitely is who she wants to be, regardless of what others think, which is a seldom-found quality.
   Love her or hate her, the movie was a blast, and you can't deny the music is catchy. If you get lucky, you can get some heart-shaped 3D glasses, which are also a plus! Hoping to go see it again soon with someone special...

   Random and not related to Katy Perry (hoping to get back a little blogger cred since the rest of this post is mostly about sparkles): I love reading articles on Thought Catalog, "a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought", where "Culture is our politics." Recently posted was this thought on roadtrips, it is literally the most perfectly worded description of a road-trip I could imagine.
   One last funny thing I want to share; Blogger has all kinds of tools where you can view the "stats" (or lack-thereof) of your blog, and I cracked up reading the Google keywords that have connected to my blog: apartment guide hipster (that's me!), white inspiration glam (HA!), what's the meaning of "i got eaten alive". So, if you're looking for a summary of my blog thus far, there you have it: apartment guide hipster, white inspiration glam, what's the meaning of "i got eaten alive".

If you see/have seen the Katy Perry movie I would love to hear your thoughts/comments! Who says it has to be deep thought-provoking film to warrant a discussion?   

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