snapshots of Summer

Still summer lovin', had me a blast.
 My number one pick for the grill is cheese dogs.
 Lilac toes-LOVE!
 Walking to get fro-yo with the cutest roomie in the world.
 While I stuff my face with donuts.
 And LOTS of jumping in the pool.
Literally the only way to cool off when it's over 100 degrees.
Getting artsy by the pool.
 Lots of powerade...or anything, really. Just trying to stay alive over here.
 My new lunch-bag/cooler c/o Apartment Guide! My first courtesy item! I love this stuff!
That one time I made deviled eggs and grilled chicken. So domesticated. 

Looking forward to a wonderful (Southern!) 4th tomorrow, and then guess who is leaving me for vacation AGAIN? I will commence working as much as possible, reading, cleaning my room, special crafty projects, maybe catching up on The Bachelorette (remember when I watched that show?), anything to keep me busy while I'm missing my buddy. 

What are you making/cooking up this summer lovely readers? 

One last thing: if you participated in my giveaway of sorts, please let me know you recieved your postcard! Because if you didn't, I'll keep sending them until you do!


tsbjf said...

I received mine yesterday, it made my day, thanks! You should e-mail me your addy so I can write you back. :)

Priya said...

You are so welcome! Glad you liked it! I will send you my address!

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