making new fabulous friends

   Here's the highlight of my weekend folks: meeting Zarna!
   And here is the accompanying story: a few months ago I went to the opening of a bridal shop with my friend Brynn. Ritzy shop openings are a great place to meet ritzy people. That was when I saw Zarna and it was love at first sight of her Jeffery Campbell booties. I said, "Brynn! Look at that girl! Look how cool she is! I think she's Indian!" Brynn said "Oh yeah I recognize her, I think she blogs for Vogue India." Flash forward to Friday, where I was perusing Nashville fashion blogs (found some cool ones!) and came across Zarna's Runway. Instantly I knew it was "the cool girl from the bridal shop" and was mesmerized by her cool style. I realize "cool" is a very trite word to use, but that's the best way to describe it. Cool, and hip, and fabulous. I read through pretty much the whole site (awesome! check it out!!) and read a post mentioning that she was working on a pop album. I thought to myself, wow, I'd love to listen to that.
   I found another post that said "I'm playing my ep at Mercy Lounge on June 29th." Mercy Lounge is in Nashville. June 29th was...FRIDAY when I was reading the post! It had to be fate! I had to go! I had to meet Zarna! Well I pulled it off...her performance was fantastic, so fun, and she oozed confidence.
   I mean, look at her! I was so glad I got to see the performance. And the music is sooo catchy and fun (listen to it here). I'm telling you this, dear readers, because I have a feeling she's gonna get really huge...and by then it will be old news to you! 
   Zarna is awesome because she is like a combination of all of my Indian role-models in one: the sass and talent of M.I.A., the style of Rachel Zoe, the wit of Mindy Kaling, she just rocks. Meeting her was awesome, she was so kind and down-to-earth! When I nervously walked up to her she said "Are you Priya?" (because I had left this long obnoxious comment on her blog like "ahhhh I love you!") And already I was freaking out, so when she asked me to email her so we could have coffee...I almost fell over and died. So everyone, meet my fabulous new friend!


Elana said...

That's so amazing! You had me at "wit of Mindy Kaling." I assume, of course, that there will be many fabulous pictures to come of this future coffee date for us all to see... :)

Priya said...

i LOVE Mindy Kaling. I keep saying I'm going to write a blog post just about that! And of course, I'll see if I can't snap a few pictures in cognito during our coffee date, mostly to prove it actually happened!

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