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   This is my first official summer in Nashville. And boy, is it hot hot hot. The highs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are 106, 108, and 107, yes, that is in degrees! I try my best to dress however I want despite the weather, especially because I'm in a climate controlled (read: cold) office all day, but even a short time outside can be brutal in this weather if you're not dressed correctly (I know because I sat at the bus stop for about 18 minutes the other day and absolutely melted).
   So here's what I wore yesterday (not to the office, I keep it approp) but when I got home and was ready to throw on something to make me feel a little cooler.
    This dress belongs to my friend Julie. It looks somewhat fancier, maybe Urban Outfitters, but it's actually a gem from Target! My favorite part is the peekaboo in the back. Putting on my straw hat (that has gotten a lot of action lately) felt perfect in the sun, my gladiators strike again, and if you're wondering "Are those dragonfly earrings?" The answer is YES. My sister Galina got those for me in the Cayman Islands a few years ago.
    The most comfortable thing for me to wear (well...ever) is a dress, especially in the heat. Wearing pants or even shorts can be stifling and not so comfortable, but dresses are like having a built-in AC unit.

What is your go-to outfit for hot weather? We've got more days like this ahead and I'd love some ideas!

Looking forward to a lovely summer weekend, hope yours is (pleasantly) warm and fun!


Annie said...

That dress is so cute, and love that hat on you!

The Other Side of Gray

Elana said...

Isn't it the best when you find expensive-looking things at Target? This dress is definitely one those, so adorable! So happy to find your blog, I love it already :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look gorgeous and perfect for summer. Love how the hat looks on you specially!


Priya said...

Oh my gosh, you're a real, live, popular blogger and you visited my blog!! Ahhhhhh! Well thanks so much, and I'm thrilled you stopped by!

Priya said...

Target is my jaammm, although I haven't been in a while. Thanks! I'll have to add yours to my list as well!

Priya said...

Thank you Marie, you are so sweet!

his little lady said...

you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving the cute cut out back. and i wish i could pull of those hats. just perfect!
xo TJ

Priya said...

Thank you so much! Try out a straw hat, I bet you can!!

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