Viva las happens in vegas baby!

In case you're wondering, I did in fact combine all the cliches about Vegas to make my title.

   What a weekend. Being with my sisters is some of the craziest fun I can imagine. Galina & Carina both have their own eccentric personalities, and I like to think of myself as the perfect hybrid of both of them, so we all balance nicely. A few times this weekend I found myself thinking, I can't be having this much fun with them, they're not even my best friends, they're my sisters. Well...insert tear-jerking sister quote here. 

   And Vegas, wowww. From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt like star (maybe it was my fab travel outfit, idk) the feeling continued from taxi to taxi, staying at Mandalay Bay, checking out all the amazing hotels (my favorite part), eating at ritzy restaurants, that city is 100% over the top. 
The only airport with slot machines. 
Galina decorated the room as soon as we arrived, and I sported those birthday beads all weekend. 
This is where we stayed. You guys. FAB.

We had 4 beautiful days.
Is this picture inapprop? I got a tan.
One of my favorite parts was honestly getting to see all the hotels. Each one is like a separate neighborhood in Disneyland.
Excalibur, fit for Princess Priya.
Monte Carlo.
 The Bellagio, keeping it classy.
New York, New York.  

And three fabulous nights (fake eyelashes included).
And some serious makeovers.
Rocking the birthday beads (and a dress with sleeves, read: bug bites) the first time I saw the strip lit up at night! 
Night two: I absolutely went Katy Perry with loooong eyelashes and pink lipstick and Carina's fab romper. And I kinda loved it.
Carina dubbed this dress as "not 'Vegas' enough", but I thought I would rock it (I already have the quirky bangs and love of red lipstick) on our last night! Borrowing clothes (and wedges!) from the girl who taught me about fashion = always a good idea. I loved this ensemble. And couldn't resist a little photo shoot in the hall. 

We cracked each other up in that special sister way; listening to Justin Bieber, learning our "Rules of Vegas", making new friends, familiarizing ourself with haters, making fun of Carina being a little peanut, and generally being Pappuma's.
A fantastic birthday present. Now accepting applications for my next trip to Vegas. 


Renae Shah said...

what a treat and way to celebrate 21!! Good to see all 3 Sistas bonding!

tsbjf said...

You ladies really glammed it up! Awesome that you got to go on a trip with your sisters and have such great bonding time.

Priya said...

Thanks! Up until this trip, my best present ever was my iPod mini :) that is still chugging!

Priya said...

Thanks! I was so happy to spend some time with them!

Unknown said...

Next Vegas trip... with your hometown girls ;)

Unknown said...

Btw this is Jacqui... Idk how to get my name to show up!

Priya said...

Jacquiii you commented on my blog! Thanks! And yes, def, can you imagine!? That would be amazing. We could drive!

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