Something cute to start off your weekend

   You guys, this is the sweetest and funniest thing I've heard in a long time! Sadie, a 5-year-old, cuts her 3-year-old sister Eva's hair, and then they explain the disaster to their parents.
    Amidst all the adorable and oh my goodness, there are some pretty awesome quotes. I love it when Eva explains she wanted her hair cut because it was "itching her hips". Looking at the event in retrospect, Sadie says, "That was really, really, really terrible but everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. It happens like, once or twice or three times in every life." She is wise beyond her years! 

   Wishing you all a very enjoyable weekend! I'm about to go work a shift at the Donut Den, let me know how you're spending your Saturday and Sunday!


Tea Journal said...

Hahaha that was adorable! Hilarious.

Priya said...

Is that not the cutest thing?! Glad you enjoyed it.

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