weekend update

   Life has been non-stop since I got back from Jackson on Friday afternoon (pictures of the clubhouse to come!). I am super tired and would like to go back to sleep for another 12 hours...but then again, that's the way I like it and I can't complain!

FRIDAY: Fran's Bachelorette party!
 Girl is getting married in like 2 weeks (you'll have to get the exact countdown from her)!
 Shel planned an amazing party, I ate a lot of cake. 
Luckily Sis was in town to celebrate too!

SATURDAY: Centerhill Lake!
My very first time going there, with our girl Natty (Hunter's other girlfriend).
I had an incredible time! The weather was perfect, the lake was gorgeous, I tried new things (knee-boarding!) and all-together loved being out there for the day.
 Rockin' that life-vest...safety first.
This picture sums up our entire day really nicely. 

SUNDAY: I went running, went to church, lunch at Red Lobster, did a little shopping, and saw...The Dark Knight Rises! 
 We were very excited. Watch me just crossing every superhero movie off my list! I liked it especially because it had a happy ending. Recommend, definitely. How could you not?!
We finished our day babysitting our favorite little Nattycake. We read some spectacular stories! I love children's books. I love, love Kevin Henkes, and L M N O P's (on the bottom) was adorable. I miss getting to read books like this, and I'm totally making a mental list of books for my kiddies library one day. 

Things are just now calming down from the weekend, I still have to unpack! I'm thankful for busy times like this though because one day I'll be old and probably really bored (although not borING).

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well!


Elana said...

Ah, Priya, you have no idea how much your comment(s) made me smile today! I love reading your blog because you always come across as such a genuinely kind and happy person, and I'm sure you must brighten the days of all of your readers. Plus, you have the cutest and most well put-together outfits! I loved reading this post, you look like you had so much fun. And Natty? Too cute for words :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao this looks like so much fun!!!


Annie said...

Looks like an awesome time - love the photos!

The Other Side of Gray

Priya said...

Elana, I'm so glad! Thank you for all of your sweet comments, they really brighten my day as well! I'm so glad to have you following along AND enjoying your blog as well!

Priya said...

It was! Thanks for reading Marie!

Priya said...

Thank you Annie!

Closet Fashionista said...

Weee, looks like you had lots of fun! :D
(and yes, totally wear a blazer with denim cutoffs!! :D )

Priya said...

Yup, thanks! I will try it out, and be sure and link it to you :)

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