mad men goes purple

   Very excited to have a) Brynn taking pictures for me b) a new purple skirt and c) the pleasure of borrowing a necklace from a friend.
earrings- F21, tank top- H&M, necklace, c/o Brynn, skirt- thrifted, wedges- Old Navy
Does this outfit show how ridiculously sore I am from my fitness test? Because I am. Things would be different if I did push-ups everyday, but who does that?!
   My mom has been thrifting since before it was cool. You remember those times in high school where your clothes had to be NEW and from the MALL? My mom would get so excited about finding stuff at Goodwill and I was like, gross mom. Until one day I found a J.Crew skirt...that sparked my interest.
   Fast forward to now (actually this past weekend) in Davidson when mom said, "There's a nice Goodwill by our hotel, maybe we could check it out?" I also found a sign that said "Mom: as I get older, you get smarter." SO TRUE. 
   Brynn has the most stunning, unique collection of jewelry ever. This necklace is from an estate sale in Sarasota, FL that Brynn's grandpa bought for her. How lucky am I to have her as housie?
I originally thought this skirt was weird because it is a little longer than most pencil skirts I would wear, until I told that to Brynn and she said "Yeah, it's 50's style. It's so Mad Men."I have definitely drooled over the fashion in Mad Men at several points in my life so naturally I am thrilled at her comparison.
Did I mention I caught the bus today in these wedges? Winning!

   Guess who's working at Donut Den tonight? Not me, Huntee! Dr. Fox asked him to come in and I think he's learning how to make cake donuts, yet another thing to add to his list of skills. Hope you all are having a fantastic day, happy almost weekend! 


Katherine said...

love that necklace! and this skirt is beautiful on you

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Oeendree mukherjee said...

u look Gorgeous!

<3 From: www.thedocndiva.com

Elana said...

So I think this might be my favorite outfit of yours, ever. This skirt is just the best find and that necklace is gorgeous! You're so lucky you have a housemate with such awesome jewelry. Also, I wish I could could slap 8-year-old me who insisted on buying everything overpriced from Limited Too and couldn't fathom used clothing. Half my closet is thrifted now. WOOOT.

Priya said...

Thank you so much Katherine!

Priya said...

Thanks :)

Sarah with a Bow said...

That is a SPECTACULAR skirt. Juuust so you know.

Alexa said...

this skirt is stunning! love it! you look gorgeous as usual girl :) love that fun necklace!

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thank you Sarah! And thanks for coming by!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

What!? 1. This skirt is AMAZE... I can't believe you thrifted it! 2. Where is your favorite place to thrift in Nashville... you might have to take me, I am a thrifting novice! 3. Cake donuts... um, get in my mouth!
Hope you are having a fab long weekend

Priya said...

Jess, you are so sweet. There are like 7 random thrift stores on Charlotte Ave. where I've had some luck. Again they're pretty random, but that makes for the best thrifting sometimes! We should go together! Thanks for your comment!

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