Because I don't really care about the rest of this outfit, or the pictures.
   But the shoes! Look at them! Purchase #2 of my consolation shopping spree. At Target, for $10. I'm trying to think of a time when I've spent ten better dollars. And I really can't. 
   These shoes are equally perplexing and adorable, because I SWEAR this is Unikko print, the statement flower of Finnish design-powerhouse Marimekko, that my family is obsessed with (I'm Finnish. I consider this "the pride of Finland." "The best of Finland." I've blogged about this before, from the motherland. Whatever, I love it.) Yet there is no "Marimekko-Target" collab I've heard of. The tag simply says "Merona." Check out the Marimekko link and tell me I'm not crazy! Oh, and if you have money to blow, pick yourself out some sweet Finnish digs.

Anyway...oh yeah, I did wear clothes with these shoes.
 headband- c/o Jenae, button-up- Brooks Brothers c/o Mom, skirt- Old Navy, loafers- Target
   i KNOW I just wore a shirt like this (editor's note: not the exact same one)! I know I do this a lot! I wrote a whole post on this, guys!
Also, welcome to my kitchen.
Here I am thinking "Shoot. I wore a shirt just like this in my last outfit post." It happens. 
Also: Hunter is going to kill me for posting this, but here he is testing the lighting for me with his best "blogger pose". If you're actually seeing this, congrats, because that means he hasn't made me take it down yet. I think it's a handsome picture though! Not to mention hilar.

   In other fashion news, today I ordered blue and mint colored pants! Big deal, I'm way behind the "pop pants" trend, but Old Navy is having a sale on their pants (that I love). Yeah, this is another run, don't walk moment. I am so excited!

   Today after my physics test (Turns out I don't know anything about elevators or Newton's Laws) I took a little bit of mental and physical health time. It was glorious. I had French Onion soup and tea, took a hot shower, slept with Mr. Wizard at the end of my bed...just a few hours to unwind helped me SO much.
   Now it's back to physics hw (that I did wrong so I'm doing over) and rehearsal.

   To complete this random and long-winded outfit etc. post: it's my roomie/best friend's birthday. Sister is 21 TA-DAY! Happy birthday Amanda! I love you!


Elana said...

Argh, I kept seeing these loafers at Target (I really wanted them in the minty color or the tan ones), but kept telling myself I didn't need them. Now I regret this decision. They look so cute on you! And who cares if you wear the same things, I know I do! It makes you more relatable as a blogger :) And I'm dying over that photo of Hunter. Dying.

Carina said...

That picture of Hunter is glorious. He's a natural.

Priya said...

Isn't it hilarious?! You can meet him if you come in November :)

Priya said...

Worth. It. I even dreamed I was wearing them! There's still time! Thanks Elana, glad i'm not the only one! And thanks!! I will totally make him read this comment when he gets mad at me. I try to tell him "My readers love you!" Readers = you

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