but really, TGIF

   I try to never be like "oh gosh I live for the weekend and TGIF and the week is finally over" because I try my best to enjoy the week as well, and everyday really. But today I must say I am OVERJOYED that it is Friday, tomorrow is the weekend, and the next day is also the weekend. I want to spend some time doing NOTHING, catching up on blogs, sleeping and napping, and (dare I say) getting a head-start on next week so I don't have another week like this one.

I wanted to share a little something funny to start off your weekend. Now presenting, your e-card of the week:
Funny Weekend Ecard: Let's spend the weekend recklessly blowing the $600 we didn't blow on the iPhone 5.

Because who wants the new iPhone, am I right?! My brother is already getting his. Cray. 
Have a fabulous weekend friends!


A. Shankles said...

Hahaha! That's hysterical.
Good call, Priya.


Priya said...

:) thanks Andrew!!

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