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   Hey everyone! Just a quick update in the middle of a busy relaxing productive fun weekend. I wore this out last night when Hunter and I went to a fancy schmancy dinner with some friends. The kinda place where they called me ma'am (significant because most people assume I am 14 years old). 
pearls- from Mom, tee- Victoria's Secret, skirt- F21, heels- Target
   I'm not a huge Victoria's Secret fan (maybe it's because I'm too short to be a model and I don't want to wear leopard print yoga pants, idk) but I was dying for a neon pink t-shirt, and this one is perfect! I also have her sister in neon orange and love them both, equally. 
   I was also unsure if a t-shirt was too casual for "the best steakhouse in Nashville", so I dressed it up with the strand of pearls, silky shirt, and suede heels.
I'm also aware that my shoes and shirt are different shades of pink, but itsn't that in style these days? Color blocking? Two-tone? Not really sure, I just thought it was fun.

   Everyone was so sweet and supportive when I told the story of throwing away my shoes! At least three people told me I should get a new pair of shoes to make up for it. Three is significant because...Target was having an amazing shoe clearance...and I found shoes in my size...and I'm only human! I refuse to ignore this stroke of fate when Target clearance has a size 6.5 in shoes that I adore. So I bought three new pairs of shoes, and now I feel like the poster child of American consumerism, but also quite giddy and excited to debut them. 
   We are having THE most gorgeous weather here in Nashville today, which means fall is surely around the corner! Collective squeal from all fashion bloggers!



Very cute skirt :)


Priya said...

Thank you so much! And thanks for coming by!

Alexa said...

can you say model status? you look so beautiful! not that that is unusual :) i love your blog so much! I always enjoy reading your posts! this is such a cute outfit and i definitely love how you dressed up this adorable neon pink top! I also love those shoes <3 ahh i just love your style soo much!

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Alexa, you are too kind! Thank you for all your sweet comments! And I'm glad you like it, thanks!

Unknown said...

I love the neon pink with the magenta shoes, they definitely compliment each other! Its funny that you mention getting some clearance shoes at target, I was just there this morning and got 2 pairs (how do you buy one pair of shoes!? Its impossible). What kind of shoes did you get? I got these white wedge heels with a cut out in the wedge and a pair of metallic boating shoes which I am super excited about. Ciao!

xo Jenny

Elana said...

Bahaha I'm so happy you bought three pairs of shoes. You earned it, throwing a beloved pair away is no easy task! I love how you were able to turn a neon t-shirt into a fancy outfit, it looks great! And these shoes! So cute and I'm loving the different shades of pink, I'm thinking two-tone is the right term. And yaaaaay fall! It's so close. Hope you had a great weekend, Priya!

Priya said...

WE GOT THE SAME SHOES! Going over to your blog to make sure you see this!

Priya said...

Elana, you're the best. Thank you for justifying my consumerism! I'm glad you like it and that my terms are correct!

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