show week in the nifty fifties!

Well it's show week here, and that explains the lack of blogging.
Don't feel bad little blog, I have also excused myself from homework, some class, and basically anything I don't want to do ("Well, it's show week!").
We have dress rehearsal every night, we open Thursday night and perform 'til Sunday, and my sister Galina comes to town on Saturday, whew!

A sneak peak at my 50's hair and make-up (so much fun!) until I get some costume outfit pics up (because you know I will!)
The first look is more Lucille Ball, with red lips and a curly updo, the second look is more Bettie Page, with the straightened hair and the pink lips. Also note my Britney Spears microphone.

And to answer the question, "Was it worth it for me to do the musical?" The answer is YES.
I have been having a blast. I forgot how exciting it is when you add the orchestra, the darkness, the costumes, knowing your friends will be in the audience, the make-up...being on that stage makes me giddy. 


Ali W. said...

Aww...this looks so fun! You look gorgeous, by the way. You can pull of any look! I wish we lived close to each other! I seriously want to be your friend in real life!

Larissa said...

Haha, looking great! So chic and adult and wow :)
I love to dress up. We had a 50s party in my flat a year ago and it was also sooooooo much fun :)

Unknown said...

So exciting! It makes me miss being in shows, enjoy every second of it because it will fly by!

xo Jenny

Katherine said...

both hair do s look adorable on you! and the musical sounds fun to be in - if you can do it now, why not!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Priya said...

Thank you Ali, that is so sweet!! And likewise, seriously! That would be awesome!

Priya said...

Thank you thank you Larissa, you are too kind. The 50's is probably one of the best decades for dressing up! And theme/costume parties are the BEST, good for you!!

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