pajama game costumes!

I couldn't resist doing an "outfit" post featuring my adorable costumes from The Pajama Game.
The show is set in the 50's, which results in awesome classy and vintage clothes, make-up, and hair.

(disclaimer: photos taken during the show in the green room.)
My "factory darling" and "normal day" outfit. Although I wish I could ditch the skirt and just wear my apron as a skirt! 
My "company picnic" outfit. I may have mentioned this before, when I first tried on these beautiful shorts, I figured like some girls would wear dresses, some would wear shorts. NOT. I'm the only one in shorts. This stuff ALWAYS happens to me in the theater. Like in The Music Man I had to be a teen of River City while all my friends got to be mothers of River City. Story of my life.
 My absolute favorite, my "Hernando's Hideaway" dress (basically, at the club). It's the most gorgeous shade of emerald green and brocade, I tried to get a close-up of the fabric here:
This one might go missing...

I'm actually in the middle (literally, intermission) of a show right now, we performing for high schoolers this morning, which was a real quick turnaround after last night. Looking forward to an inevitable nap today. Hunter is away on a Civil Engineering saving the world type of project, but my sister Galina comes tomorrow morning! Agh! 
Also performing again tonight...wheeeeee.


Unknown said...

I can understand that emerald brocade dress going missing, it is gorgeous! I think my favorite costume is your pink shorts and white blouse look though, I love the cut of the shorts and the blouse looks like it has some nice details. Sounds like the play is going great!

xo Jenny

Priya said...

Thank you Jenny! As stupid as I felt in the shorts, they got rave reviews, so I guess I can live with them! Also, I was so sad as I hung up the emerald dress for the last time! I just loved wearing it!!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

You are toooo cute - the 50s looks fabulous on you! Those pink shorts would totally go missing if they were allowed one second alone with me! haha
break a leg lady friend!

Elana said...

Oh my goodness, can you wear your hair like this ALL the time?? I just caught up on your posts (I've been a terrible blogger lately) and I'm glad you're having so much fun doing the musical! It's making me miss my theater days. Also, you have to steal that green dress or I will. Have a great week!

Ali W. said...

Oh my gosh, you look SO CUTE. I love the "factory darling" outfit. But of course, you look so cute in all of it! Hope the rest of the performances go perfect! :)

Alexa said...

Ah i love all of these! my favorite is the green dress <3 you look soo beautiful priya!

Alexa <3

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