honkytonk pre-holiday

surprise! I'm back in California for Christmas.
excuse my last little blogiatus as I hurried to celebrate in Nashville.
still haven't fully decided what I'll be doing over break, (blogging is definitely one thing)
but in the meantime, I present to you: my Honkytonk Christmas.IMG_1220
made a lot of these little gifties for people
Hunter and I exchanged gifts and he surprised me with this little set-up (I knew he had something coming when he asked to borrow my construction paper!)
here I am with my first stocking ever!IMG_1205
enjoying some of my stocking goodies later (Donut coasters and Holiday socks)IMG_1195
our lovely mantle, complete with my Christmas candles that finally arrived!
my house smelled of Christmas Cookie, Wreath, and The North Pole the past few days.

here's my "Priya Marvel" family Christmas card. Love these guys!IMG_1215
me and my Shel, me in my NEW COWBOY BOOTS from the Flea Market! Expect waay too many pictures of me in these bad boys.IMG_1207
oh yeah and this is Shelby's house...that one creepy picture I took. But it was so festive! I couldn't help myself!

and so, I enjoyed a wondeful pre-Christmas in Nashville, wore my boots all the way home, and now who knows what Yuletide adventures await in California?
Countdown 'til my baby brothers are home: T-1 day (Amir) and T-4 days (Tarif)

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Alexa said...

Priya <3 sorry I havent been by in forever! I've missed you! you look soo cute in these pics :) love the flannel! hope all is well

Alexa <3

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