two times the holiday plaid

my holiday ensemb.
candycane earrings from my roomie!
couldn't help but feel hipster and awesome with this (temporary) henna tattoo.
earrings- gift from Amanda, flannel- borrowed from Em, jeans- F21, booties- Target rings- found, gift from Galina, C4 

Anyone tired of seeing these Target booties yet?
I've been wearing them a lot, which makes me feel successful like yes, this was a good purchase.
This outfit was so nice, I wore it twice:
to my holiday party and then the next day when Hunter & I exchanged presents, etc.
Once you find a good casual holiday ensemb it's hard to forget about it!
Please enjoy: my candy cane earrings and my temporary tattoo (I love those things).
Since I've been home I've been: laughing with the fam, seeing almost all my close friends, running TWO DAYS IN A ROW, playing bananarams, inheriting bags of hand-me-downs from my sister.
Oh and my health news is still the headline of our Christmas letter, don't worry. 


Elana said...

Oh Priya, why does it feel like it's been forever since we've talked? Also, why are you so cute? You work plaid so well. And those earrings are just adorable! So jealous. Ahahaha: "Oh and my health news is still the headline of our Christmas letter, don't worry." If it makes you feel better, my mom put a really embarrassing picture of me and my brother that we took as a joke on our Christmas cards without telling us. The best.

Larissa said...

Your earrings are so cute!
Thanks for your comment! I hope you are doing good too!?
I wish you a woooooonderful christmas time!

Elana said...

I forgot to tell you! Not all of my Firmoo vouchers were given away! They expire the 25th, but if you're able to find pair in the next few days, use the code "room334" for $20 :)

Priya said...

I tweeted this when I read this: Christmas cards are like your mom's way to get back at the family for the whole year. SO TRUE! Glad I'm not the only one!

Priya said...

Also, why did I not do this in time. I am a dummy.

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