my favorite part of Christmas

So, this is Christmas.

I guess I should really talk about Christmas on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I love every other day too. I get excited to see lights and give presents and eat those holiday goodies, but I am generally not a Christmas over-enthusiast. Usually this results in some Grinchy name-calling from people, but I don’t mind. Why am I not overly excited for Christmas? Maybe it’s the way I was raised. We whole-heartedly celebrated Christmas growing up, especially the Christian aspect, but it was not a mind-numbing, decadent, jingle bells all month long kind of affair. In fact, I opened my first stocking EVER this Christmas from Hunter (note: this is probably because it is a largely American tradition, while I always celebrated a fusion of Indian and Finnish traditions. AND it was awesome, so thanks Mom and Dad for depriving me of that splendor).
            Maybe I am coming across as Grinchy! So please don’t get me wrong, because I do love Christmas. I think now I cherish the time spent with my entire family more than anything else, because it may not happen for the rest of the year.
            Then again, my favorite memory is this:
            I’m not hugely into sappy memories either, but this makes my heart leap. I tried to capture this feeling a couple years ago on my Canon Powershot, but this picture really doesn’t do it justice. THIS is Christmas at my house, all the lights off in the house, except for the twinkling, multi-colored lights of the tree, our Christmas tree, that has no theme or matching elements, just years and years of popsicle stick and paper ornaments with school pictures on them. And I love it. It lights up the entire room, and my whole heart, along with the thrill of gifts and well, Christmas magic. I never get tired of seeing it. Second-place Christmas memory goes to getting a Furby (which now I cannot understand at all…but they were really cool at the time).
            So, I guess my point in all of this is: whatever you’re doing for Christmas, or wherever you are, I hope there’s one really special thing that rises above the consumerism and holiday stress to make your Christmas day awesome.



Applewood Road said...

Awesome post girl! I know what you mean sometimes I feel like the commercialism for months before is a bit much. And furbys were the best. I still have one kicking around my parents house somewhere!
Hope your holidays were/are magical :)

Priya said...

Thanks Kelsey, I really appreciate it!

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