full disclosure

somedays, like today, you only put your make-up on after your 8 o'clock class
which consists of a Business Law test you really didn't study for 
that's after seriously considering swapping your degree for five more minutes of sleep
then you remember you are counting down the days 'til graduation
and on your way to class you realize you chose your navy purse and the rest of your outfit is black
all these things make me feel sloppy, but hey, this is full disclosure! 

as I mentioned yesterday I've been working a lot (which is great, not complaining) 
(ok this is a complaint: a double on Superbowl Sunday! When the Bay Area will reign supreme!)
(also I got a new sweatshirt, so I can rotate between my two old Niners sweatshirts this week)
(also I think I led everyone to believe that I am tasting food for my job, which would be ohmygoshamazing but not my job)
anyway, it leaves a few things I love doing undone (this little blog being one of them). 
it's really, really, nice to catch up with writing in my journal, blogging, reading, those human things. 

I spent yesterday with my best friend:
who was in serious need of a cheer-me-up.
here's proof that I love her: we played basketball for like an hour and a half
(love basketball when it's March Madness, but I am terrible at it and it frustrates me to no end)
then I enjoyed an amazing yoga class 
(which makes me sound so snobby you guys! it's not even like that! its at my school! and I looove it)
then Hunter decided to be a doll and took me to a surprise dinner: 
UntitledHow cute is this place? I was ready to break out into songs from West Side Story.Untitled
the waitress didn't believe me when I said "Don't worry, we're good eaters."
(quick first date story: we split a large pizza. yes, I ate HALF a large pizza.
and that's when he knew I was the one.)
Bella Napoli (for you Nashvillians, amazing) was fantastic. thank you Huntee.

one more little thing that's making my day:
 a letter from Jacqui and my Tues/Thurs. coffee
(a resolution of sorts, I get coffee when I make it to my 8 o'clock,
also sorry to be that girl with pictures of coffee but this is a perk of my day).

oh and here's Hunter's roommate's puppy Cassius licking my cowboy boot.

and if you're waiting with bated breath to hear my plans after graduation: 
so am I! 
ha no plans have been made, but I assume I'll be working here in Nashville as I look for a real job
but it changes everyday! 


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

studying is always a little hard but it totally worth it! you look lovely going through this and... how charming this pup is!

Inside and Outside Blog

Caroline Susanto said...

she looked so sad and I hope that she feels better now :)

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Alexa said...

yay go niners! bay area love...i want to eat those cupcakes haha and you're such a great friend! love the pics of you and hunter. you guys are such a cute couple and i love what you're wearing. Hope you're having a good week <3

Alexa <3

P.S. the old man in the background of my pic was my grandpa haha :)

aki! said...

The last semester in school is always the most painful. Stick with it!

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