a little weird

IMG_1478 IMG_1469
necklace- gift, sweater- Hunter's, belt- Gap, pants- Old Navy, shoes- Report c/o Carina 

This necklace might look a little weird because it was a gift from when I was in elementary school.
This sweater might look a little weird because it's Hunter's.
These pictures might look a little weird because it was definitely dusk out when we took these pictures.
These shoes might look a little weird because I've been stomping through the mud in them.
My hair might look a little weird because it's the aftershock of a sock bun.

So life's a little weird lately.
I've mostly been working a lot, and then I remembered I'm in school,
and this blog post is a little present to myself in the midst of an onslaught of homework.
Which I haven't done yet this semester so I shouldn't really be worried.




Larissa said...

I love your sweater :)!!!
Thanks for your comment. Where would you like to go to live aborad??? Maybe you will still find the opportunity to do it!?!?


Priya said...

Thanks Larissa! It's a great steal from the boyfriend. I would love to live abroad in Europe somewhere! I actually have dual citizenship too, so that's a plus!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahaha I love all the "weird" elements of your outfit. You still make them all work perfectly together, you look awesome!


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