awkward moments as of late

1. Last weekend I went to a "90's Dance Party", and on my way out, I was fixing my hair, putting on my new coral lipstick, etc. I asked my roommate if she liked my hair better half-up or down and if she liked my lipstick or whatever. When I was done getting ready I said "Ok what do you think?" She says, "Great! You look SO 90's!" #thatawkwardmomentwhen your roommate says "You look so 90's!" and you weren't trying to dress 90's at all.

2. I found myself walking to one of my after school gigs (ok, from the bus stop to the office) down Music Row (#Nashvilleprobs), and I was seriously power walking to make it there by 2:30, when a Nashville "Studio Tour Bus" passed me. Maybe I was being overly pretentious when I imagined the tour guide, "Now here's Priya, running to work after school in cowboy boots! She does this every day!"

3. Monday night this week I took a class to get my serving license for work. 5 hours of the craziest teacher ever. I sat next to this guy who had gotten a misdemeanor for weed and three consecutive DUIs, both of which I learned in the first five minutes of class. About 2.5 hours into class he passes me a note. Of course, my initial reaction was "Oh how friendly, he wants to talk to me about how outrageous this class is." Instead I got a nicely phrased note about how he lived closed to my restaurant and we should go out sometime, "just as friends, but just for know ;)" yikes! Being the queen of awkward, I sat there for probably 30 minutes before responding "I am flattered but I have a boyfriend."

4. (Scene: scanning my Driver's License and Social Security card for my I-9 Employment Form)
My new "boss" Lara who is the same age as me: I noticed you were very precise about the placement of your license and card in the photocopier.
Me: I wasn't sure how official it needed to be...I don't even look American so I can't take any chances."

Hope everyone has a truly fantastic (possibly awkward?) weekend!

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