sampling of my heart collection

*editor's note: I didn't wear this oufit on Valentine's Day. On that day I wore my new yoga pants.IMG_1606IMG_1611IMG_1613IMG_1607*
earrings- H&M, necklace- found at home, sweater- borrowed from Amanda, dress- UO, leggings- Nordy's Rack, boots- Breckelles via Amazon

If you would have asked me to write this post a few hours ago,
when my sleep-deprived brain was trying to make sense of life,
post-law test that once again, I did not prepare myself for (when will I learn?),
wearing rainboots and a rainjacket on a perfectly dry day (note: it is POURING now!)
I would have probably cried.

After napping all afternoon and just now eating an entire bag of kettle corn,
I feel so much better!
So now I can actually say:
I have a million heart-printed etc. things, and I chose the day before Valentine's Day to wear one.
I've loved this dress since the moment I saw it at Urban,
and I've been pleasantly surprised by the different ways I've been able to wear it
(see the detachable vest, here!).
Maybe I'm waaay behind in the blogosphere saying this, but wearing tops over dresses =
I've amassed a large collection of heart-shaped jewelry too, here sporting dangly hearts from H&M
and a very random necklace I found on my last trip home!

I'm off to go eat TJ's Gnocchi and catch up on Nashville and The Bachelor
with my favorite boy ever (who obdiently watches shows with me. Don't be fooled though he is totally into The Bachelor). (Also I want to post my thoughts on the Bachelorettes remaining). 


Nataly said...

Aw!! That dress is so so so ADORABLE! This outfit is just spot on ;-) and that picture on the right--> above the info..A D O R A B L E

Brandi said...

cute outfit! newest follower...


:) :)

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