weekend (ha) & life update

Umm hiii. I promise you that last week I did more schoolwork that I have done all semestere, and then I worked all weekend. So though I was absent from my blog, I was working hard, on something.
Here's what I've been up to lately.

 Valentine's Day:

 Got off to an interesting start. Then I spent the entire day studying for a test I had that night. I was so down to stay in and get Chinese take-out, I felt a wreck, and had wanted to wear a dress that I didn't have time to pick up from the dry-cleaners (debatably shallow. But what girl doesn't want to dress up
 on Valentine's Day?). I tried to convince Hunter not to take me out (note to guys: if a girl tells you she doesn't want to go out and doesn't care about Valentine's Day: that is a BOLD-FACED LIE), he picked me up from my test with my dress he had picked up AFTER the dry-cleaner had closed. He
may have been assaulted by a disgruntled Asian lady. Romance, friends, is alive.

At least my teacher gave us heart-shaped donuts. I love anything heart-shaped.
all photos via iPhone in this post so...sorry about that

We ended up getting Asian food after all! We went to Koi and had sushi, a bento box, pad thai, etc. and got to sit in this cozy Asian style booth.
note that Hunter has a pencil in his pocket #engineeringboyfriends

After dinner, we walked on the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville.
It was romantic, and freezing.
I got Hunter a giftcard for a Massage (an ATHLETIC MASSAGE) and I think my present is Beyonce tickets. But more about that later. Here's a belatedtine I made for my Finnish grandparents, per my New Year's Resolution.Untitled


I am now in the red after purchasing not one, not two, but THREE tickets to see Beyonce in Nashville. Only because the first ticket I bought in a panic was a single seat. So I had to buy two more. Now making me the recipient of three Beyonce seats and not very much money. Friday morning at 10 am was absolute madness. Anything for Beyonce!
Emily's notebook.

Jenae sent me new leggings. Pictures to come.Untitled
Got to pick up a giant check with Lara, my new boss. #bucketlistUntitled
Hanging out with my new work friend, Brittani, outside of work! With lipstick! (Disclaimer: She is dressed "90's")Untitled
Got to babysit this little firecracker yesterday. Our best kissy faces.

Everything else:
When I first met Clyde (Shel's) he was this big. Now he is this big.Untitled
This is one of my favorite things!

Consider yourself fully update on my life! How is everyone else doing? Y'all I almost have 30 followers! Hooray! Thanks for reading! 


Nataly said...

Hi Miss Priya!!

Your valentine's day seemed so perfect/cute/adorable/[enter all other cutesy adjectives here]. You + your boyfriend ARE THAT CUTEST. AND THAT HEART SHAPED DONUT. Perfect valentine's dayyyyy!!

I heard Beyonce tix were SO HARD TO GET!!!! HAVE FUN GIRL! So glad I'm caught up in ur life! GOOD JOB STUDYING HARD :)

Elana said...

Yay, you're back! Seriously, you and Hunter are so freaking cute. I like that you got him an ATHLETIC massage haha. And the color of that jacket = perfection.

Oh man, I hope you're able to sell one of these tickets! But that's sooo exciting for you! And looks like everything else is going great as well :)

Larissa said...

You have grandparents in Finland? Wow! Have you ever been there?
It looks like you had a really good time and I love the pictures from your Valentine's-walk :)
Happy mid-week ;)


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