snapshots of the week volume I

MONDAY: Mr. Wizard and I have been getting along well lately. Maybe it's because he's been sleeping in the cutest positions ever!

TUESDAY: The most exciting part of this week is that I've been figuring out car stuff, and it's actually gonna happen! Here's a random car for sale I passed while on my bike. (When people ask me what I'm driving now, I'm really tempted to say 'It's a red huffy...with a basket.')

WEDNESDAY: I got to see one of my absolute favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon, in concert. I've literally been a fan of his music (through different bands, solo projects, etc.) since 7th grade. I'd seen him in concert once, but it was a giant amphitheater so it didn't really count. The show was sososo amazing. Andrew even had laryngitis but is an amazing performer.

Kate Earl opened for him, and I have to say, she was pretty good! Those of you California girls (or, otherwise) should definitely check out "California". So cute!


THURSDAY: The weather has been beautiful (except for today, it's back in the 40's!) so yesterday Hunter and I took advantage of Sonic Happy Hour. Please excuse my after-tennis class chic. We played singles so I had to look super legit.

FRIDAY: Just the usual everything-I-own, including my giant tea mug, spread out at my desk job, while I frantically study for an exam at 1!

Happy weekend everyone!
(all photos via my iPhone)


Larissa said...

I always like to look at those weekly overviews and I think I should maybe start doing some my self :)

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm loving these photos that show a snippet of each day of the week!! I bet the concert was amazing, and I can only imagine how excited you are about car shopping!


Sabrina said...

Ahh an Andrew McMahon concert? Okay, my gr.9 self is very jealous!


Alexa said...

such a nice week!!! Hope the weekend is great as well

Alexa <3

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