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 photo IMG_1954_zps59fd2303.jpg
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top- Gap Factory, skirt- c/o Brynn, shoes- H&M, ring- World Market

I haven't worn this much pink since probably 6th grade
I used to wear ssoooo much pink.
back then I was totally into p!nk (the singer) as well (is that how she spells her name?)
Mizzunderstood (is that the album is spelled?) was my JAM!
now, not so much.
actually, don't get me started.
the only song by her I can somewhat tolerate is the one with Nate Ruess
because, who doesn't love Fun! and I loved The Format first (anyone? anyone?!)

so anyway, I found myself wearing this very pink outfit the other day
I even put pink lipstick on at one point. 
it was pretty fun.
these outfits are borderline too dark (apologies for the slight blur).
loving my new $7 gap t-shirt
these flats, always,
and this skirt for Spring (view for fall, here)

exciting things of today:
pretty sure I went to my last chapel ever
also, I'm seriously looking at some cars and 
man oh man it is making me excited.
that's all!



pippiloo said...

cute! I like that shirt a lot!

-Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Perfectly PINK! I love that skirt!! Happy Spring lady - I swear we are going to have a blogger meet-up SOON!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look looooovely in Pink!! Hahaha, what a coincidence that I used to listen to a LOT of Pink music when I was young as well, especially Misunerstood. Oh, and you are car shopping!??! How exciting!!!!


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