Indian ftw

hair clip- F21, earrings- from Belize, tank- Old Navy, belt- F21, skirt- from India, shoes- Bakers, bracelet- gift
Took my mom to get her tootsies done as an overdue bday present, naturally got mine done as well.
LOVING a mint pedi! And toe ring- what better way to say Indian Summer amiright?!
Woah it has been WAY too long since I've done one of these!
Actually if you just read my last post (about hiking) that could serve as an outfit post for this whole month, because all I've been wearing is shorts, tees, running shoes, etc.
That being said, getting dressed up again for a wedding shower was quite enjoyable! 

Wearing Indian skirts in real life is always a nice surprise!
We have plenty of Indian skirts, saris, and fabrics at home, and every now and then one works in my favor. 
I actually got my mom's help in sewing some old sari fabric, and now I have two new scarves!

Also, I realize our house looks a little more rustic than normal,
that's because we're in the process of getting it painted. This look is called "rustic power-washed."


Larissa said...

The Indian skirt looks so beautiful and I am so jealous that you have all those saris and fabrics at home :)! I would love to make some scarfs out of indian fabrics too :) I really love saris as they are so elegant and colorful and just beautiful...
Can't wait to see your new diy scarfs!


Katherine said...

So beautiful! I have never had a a pedicure! Is it worth it? And I love love love your sandals - so cute.

-Stephanie said...

This skirt is so pretty! I love the pattern so much!

joy said...

That skirt is sooo beautiful! I love the print and how you wore it with a white top, it really lets the skirt shine. And ooo your pedicure looks great, I really like that color:) I've actually never gotten a pedicure because i'm so ticklish but I think i'm going to try getting one this summer since I am so bad at painting my own. And haha yes, I live in Norcal! Me and Elly have been going to the same school since we were 11 :)

House of Tong said...

i love your skirt!!!!!!!!! the white top compliments it well!! xoxo

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

me oh my you are gorgeous! yay for bringing back the toe ring you little cutie!

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