weekend update: musicals, mountains, etc.

FRIDAY: got to see a production of Footloose with my sister. And as I've said to many, the girl who played the lead is Indian! If an Indian girl can play Ariel Moore, who lives in the middle of nowhere Illinois, that means the sky's the limit for me!

SATURDAY: hiked Mt. Tamalpais with my Mom, sister, and our friend Renae.
We found a soda machine very close to the top!
Loved watching the San Francisco fog creeping over.
Points of interest: a couple getting engaged at the top (may or may not have cried a bit)
and a "Mountain Play" production of The Sound of Music, that I am dying to go back and see!
Also my mom wins for cutest hiking outfit ever. I hope to be as fab (and fit!) as her when I'm...older.

SATURDAY: got to watch my favorite kiddos compete in their first triathlon (inspiring!) and my favorite bride get some snazzy shower gifts. Please tell me I'm not the only one who LOVES Grandmother participation at weddings. They are the best. They are the funniest.

Another beautiful weekend in the Bay. Now it's back to that weekly grind...NOT because all I do is play tennis and eat meatloaf yayyy #vacationlife 

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