remix: thrifted floral skirt

I'm baaaaack! Before I load you with Labor Day tales, today I'm linking up Audrey at Putting Me Together for a "One Piece Many Ways" post! Now presenting, my very first remix!
I picked this skirt up at my neighborhood ThriftSmart for about $2. I was initially drawn to it because the side buttons up into a flattering high-waisted fit (though I'm sure upon it's original purchase from Old Navy in the 90's, it was meant to be worn at the hips).

Since that time, it has become an item in my closet that I would put into the category of "surprisingly versatile". I've managed to style it into outfits for "fall" (in quotations because it's still in the 90's over here), full-blown summer, and winter.
necklace- F21, top- Hollister rescued en route to Goodwill, skirt- thrifted, shoes-c/o Carina
FALL: With a small floral print in simple black & white, this skirt is a dream for pattern-mixing! I loved the combo of plaid + floral and wearing a necklace over my shirt. As I mentioned, this outfit is prematurely fall because I am a responsible blogger, but I can't wait to duplicate it when the red plaid is perfectly seasonal and I'm matching leaves and scarecrows! 
glasses- H&M, shirt- India, skirt-thrifted, sandals- Blowfish via DSW
SUMMER: I am the queen of one-too-many graphic tees, and I'm always trying (or, struggling) to make them still relevant in my wardrobe. This fun tee sent over from my Uncle was the perfect complement to my breezy chiffon skirt, and guided my expertly through a trip to SF (see the full post here!)
top- Kohl's, skirt- thrifted, tights- Nordstrom's Rack, flats- American Eagle
WINTER: When I bought this skirt I was equally excited to wear it with tights in the winter. I have to say it's worked out better for me without tights, but Winter is coming again and so is round two! I'm thinking black tights and simple flats may work better (see the funnest outfit shoot of my life, here)!

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Andi said...

Great remix! this skirt is super cute and really goes well from fall to winter to summer!

Nataly said...

I freakin' love the plaid + chunky necklace outfit!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Awesome remix, Priya ;)

p.s. I mailed of your letter today :)

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

How CUTE! I love the colors you paired it with and how you were able to utilize it for different seasons. What a fun remix!

Priya said...

Thank you Andi!

Priya said...

Girl, I totally stole that color combo from you. And YAY, I was beginning to wonder if mine had gotten lost in the mail! Can't wait!!

Priya said...

Thank you Audrey!!! I'm pretty much freaking out that you came and commented on my post. Thank you, thank you! Great link-up!

Kristian said...

I love all the remixes, though my favorite is the one with the plaid.

Unknown said...

Great Post ! Printed pieces are indeed so versatile xx



Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

First of all, you are so so cute! Secondly, you make that skirt look so good! I love that a $2 thrifted skirt has become so versatile for you - even for all the seasons! Great job on your first remix!

Lastly, I am a new follower via GFC :)

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I love that term: "surprisingly versatile"! My favorite is the plaid look pretty lady!
Enter to win my Stella & Dot giveaway!

Priya said...

Thanks Kristian!

Priya said...

I agree! I'm all about prints for dayysss

Priya said...

Yay, thanks Ashley! Nothing makes me feel quite as triumphant as a thrifting win :)

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