floral pit-stop

It's been a busy week (but that's just the way I like it, for the record). 
I've been bustling around trying to get in a few shifts of work before I head off for one last summer hurrah: a trip to see my older brother [Sundar] in Virginia Beach, VA (with a pit-stop to see one of my younger brothers, [Amir] in Charlotte, NC)! I could not be more excited for a road-trip to see some of my favorite people!!

I've spent all day baking for the boys (cinnamon struesel muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and a Guiness cake) and still have a few things to check off my list: pack. Make cds. Stop by the library and get cds. Pay rent. Frost the Guiness cake. Clean my room. 
But before that, I'm off for one last shift of work, and before that: an outfit! 
dress- Urban Outfitters, top- thrifted, shoes- Target

Another somewhat casual "wear-to-work" look for a busy (last Friday) night.
But between you and me: I'm thinking I'm gonna be transitioning to business casual pretty soon :D.

This dress is the equally charming sister to this dress, they are just the cutest pair of fraternal twin sisters! The dress is so easy to wear on its' own, but I figured the collar would be just a cute 
popping out of a sweater-top. Lastly: love my Mocs.

I'll be back in Nashville on Monday night, follow along on Twitter until then!
Enjoy the holiday weekend, friends! 


joy said...

That floral dress is so pretty and I love the pink shoes. Usually I only see those in brown but I like the fun color:) Hope you have fun on your road trip, your brothers are so lucky to have a sister who bakes cakes and cookies for them!

Karen said...

That is such an adorable dress. Have fun on that road trip!!

P.S. Yay to business-casual transitions!!

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