weekend update: 13%

In case I haven't spoiled this surprise already via social media: Saturday was me and Hunter's three year anniversary! I was so happy to spend the day with him (for the first time in a looong time) and celebrate what is really hard to believe- we've been together for THREE whole years! (Or, 13% of my life!) (And yes I did calculate it, in my head, yes people have laughed at me, but the point is that 3 years of my 22-year-old life is a long time.)
We started the day off with a run & trip to the pool (and we brought biscuits).
I was way too excited to be wearing purple head-to-toe.

After a quick stop at Old Navy ($10 flats!) we headed to the flea market!
This was probably my favorite thing that I saw.
We are now seasoned flea market vets which makes it that much better!
Rows & rows of cowboy boots, how very "Nashville Flea Market"
Hunter waited patiently while I sifted through this pile of vintage jewels (found 3 pairs of earrings!).
I also got a new baseball hat!
Hunter was looking for a new golf club but we couldn't find the vendor :( he did get some under shirts!

Then we raced to our respective homes, got ready, and headed to my surprise:
A horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown! Our driver's name was Jimmy, Chip was our horse.

(Also very excited to be wearing my August Wrinkle dress!)

I had an amazing day, full of my favorite things and my favorite person. It was very hot outside, I had a hair disaster (hence the topknot), things got a little rushed and crazy with traffic from the Titan's game/BBQ taste-off/rodeo downtown, but nothing could ruin the day.

Thank you Huntee! Happy 3 Years!! My heart is full of so many memories and the anticipation of many more. 


Larissa said...

This looks so much like a perfect day!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! You're right, three years of being in a relationship at 22 years Is long :) Great going! As for your hair disaster, I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said anything.

Elana said...

Awww, congrats to you and Hunter! You guys are so stinkin' adorable and I hope you have many, many years together! Speaking of adorable, YOU. Your hair looks amazing in that top knot and yay, August Wrinkle dress! SO cute, you picked well!

Kristian said...

Congrats! Three years is a long time no matter what :)

Also, that flea market looks fun.

Larissa said...

Got you button :) thanks for mailing it!!!

Unknown said...

Awe Happy Anniversary and congrats!! You guys are so cute together and I loved the pictures. My boyfriend and I recently celebrated out three year anniversary as well.


Alexa said...

AWW! Three years <3 congrats! you guys are freaking adorable!!!!!

Alexa <3

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