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I didn't always consider myself a baseball cap girl. I love baseball; growing up, I spent loads of time at the Little League diamond, playing with my brothers, and even got to do some stats in high school. I always secretly wished I had played Little League, because the girls that played on the boy's teams were always the best (Diamondback's pitcher, looking at you). But that is entirely besides the point. I guess I thought they looked bad on my small head/face? A couple years ago I threw my inhibitions to the wind and realized baseball caps are the grungiest cutest way to cover up a bad hair day. And now they're actually-gasp stylish?! Take ME out to the ball game! (In case you're wondering, yes, this post will be loaded with Baseball cliches).
hat- Lululemon, necklace- Flea Market, t-shirt- Hanes via Target, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, tennies- Urban Outfitters 
If I haven't mentioned before how much I love Lululemon, I do, and they make the cutest caps. Hunter actually got this for me because he's theee besssttt. I could NOT wait to wear it.
Just a simple work outfit because that's what I get dressed for most these days. Comfy shoes are a plus when I'm standing for 4+ hours (not that I really wear comfy shoes most of the time...) and I could write a poem about how much I love my sweatskirt. 
This necklace is courtesy of the Nashville Flea Market for (wait for it) $1! Here's what it was like in my head when I bought this: "Wow, this is only a dollar! It's pretty cute. Or is it weird? Will I wear it? Am I buying it because it's cheap or because I like it? Oh my gosh, Priya, even if you wear it once, it was worth it. Even if it's for a gaudy jewelry party." But you know what? I actually love it. Now I want it in all the colors. And the Flea Market is in town this week...heyy-oh.
Picture 2
I also have Hunter to thank for this gem of a pose. Taking pictures of me is surprisingly not his favorite thing to do, so I try and get him involved. If you're reading this Huntee- they look great! He said, "Maybe you should look like you're having fun, because you are wearing a baseball cap." Love him.

I'm off to put in a shift at work, and then tomorrow is a very special day for me and Hunter! I am looking forward to tomorrow so very much!

Wishing you the very best weekend, thank you for reading! 


Alissa said...

My hair just does NOT work under baseball caps unless I haven't gotten it wet in like 4 days. Non one wants to see that mess. You are so pulling it off girl!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I certainly WILL take you little cutie out to the ballpark! I'm headed to the flea market tomorrow & I hope I find some good scores like that fun necklace!

Please vote for me to win a trip to NYFW!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

this hat is soooooo cute! i am not a huge fan of baseball caps but i would give this one a wear!

lindsey louise


Alexa said...

Priya <3 you look so cute! i love baseball too :) tell me you're a giants fan! This is an adorable outfit but it looks comfy too!

Alexa <3

joy said...

Such a cute outfit! I love the purple baseball cap and how it matches your necklace. I'm still on the hunt for a baseball cap, my head/face is small too so I can never find one that looks nice but your's does! That skirt looks sooo comfy and comfy clothes are the best clothes :) Can't believe that necklace was only $1! I wouldn't have been able to resist and I would have bought on in every color haha.

Annie said...

LOVE this cute & casual look...that baseball cat is SO adorable on you!


Larissa said...

Now I can see that your favorite color is purple ;) Cute sporty outfit! Hey, how can I grad your button to put in on my blog???

Lots of love!

Unknown said...

Such a cute look, I love the purple accents with the cap and necklace.


Priya said...

Ha I usually have to sort my hair out so it fits under! Thanks Alissa!

Priya said...

Did you end up getting to go?? I was hoping I'd see you there! Share your friends!

Priya said...

Obviously a Giant's fan. And an A's fan! (That's allowed).

Priya said...

Dude, flea market. I'm telling you, I just bought another cap!

Priya said...

omg a leather baseball cap sounds tooo fabulous.

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