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Hi friends! Just popping in on this gorgeous Sunday with a more recent outfit post, since this is what I actually look like, TODAY, with short hair! 
 photo IMG_3225_zpsa42e11f7.jpg
dress- Wish (Memphis), booties- Target, necklace- from Mom, earrings- Forever 21
 photo IMG_3234_zps1bed4498.jpg
 photo IMG_3223_zps064b2beb.jpg
It was a little hard to get up-and-going this morning, after re-watching the season finale of Nashville-whaaaat and an episode of The O.C., but I'm so glad I did! I wanted to make the very most of this beautiful day, before I go to work at 4. 
 photo IMG_3232_zpse90fe34c.jpg
I was also very excited to wear this fabulous dress for the first time! This is my latest purchase from Wish, a boutique in Memphis that my friend Dith introduced me to a few years ago. Everytime I go home with here, it's a must-stop because of their gorgeous collection of dresses! If you're ever anywhere near the area...go get it girls!
 photo IMG_3227_zps009321fa.jpg
Hunter and I went to church this morning, and then I ran/biked along with him! There's a Titan's game happening right now, so it is such a fun day to be in Nashville! I'm just all-around enjoying this Sunday. A pretty dress and some gorgeous sun is really all I need (ok, that's a little gag-worthy, I'm just having a happy day ok?!).

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, and hope to catch up with you all soon! 
Thanks for coming by! 


Kellyinthecity said...

Love this dress--Such a happy, bright pattern! :)


Unknown said...

I love a good colorful dress with a wicked pattern and this one meets all the requirements. awesome shoes too


Larissa said...

Hey, you look super cute with your new hair cut! And this dress is great! I can tell that it is still summer, where you are :)

Have a wonderful start in the week!
Lots of love!

Priya said...

Thank you Kelly! & thanks for visiting!

Priya said...

Thanks girl! I was smitten at first sight with the pattern too- still not exactly sure what it is. Thank you for coming by!

Priya said...

Aww thanks Larissa! Glad you like it. And we are hopefully transitioning into fall here soon!!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

What a gorgeous dress! You are making me wish I lived in Nashville so I could go :) Oh and your hair looks awesome!

Alissa said...

Love, love, love this pattern! So cute!

Larissa said...

Thank for your comment :) YES I love travelling- who does not ;)? I posted some more pictures from the Mosel... its such a beautiful place! If you ever go to Germany you have to visit that area :)
Lots of love!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress! I love the color and print.


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