weekend update: french (toast) chic

 photo IMG_3183_zpsbrgc9mwa.jpg
earrings- F21, dress- Target, bracelet- gift from Finland, clutch- Target c/o Carina, heels- Madden Girl via Blush

This weekend, between restaurant shifts, babysitting, and a Friday night downtown, Hunter and I went to brunch! Our original plan was to use an Amazon Local Deal to go to Sperry's (a local place- I've never been but it's a steakhouse with a supposedly amazing brunch) but someone didn't read the fine print and it only works on a Sunday, ruining our Saturday brunch plans. Yelp to the rescue! We found another place called Mack & Kate's. Adorable, and amazing food!
 photo 0407FDCE-7B7A-48F0-9AA4-1A525F222963_zpsl6k9lk1d.jpg
 photo E74A86D9-7738-4DE4-84DE-F44B72800A72_zps6pw0qyek.jpg
deviled eggs (my JAM), french toast, and a Denver omlet

Not bad at all for a plan B, I'd say!
 photo 1A9DDC76-F8B1-447E-8594-6598CF5C3FF2_zpsfo5ibzs4.jpg photo 73292202-3598-4F4E-952A-12BE705AED29_zpsikptrl9f.jpg
 photo IMG_3199_zpsg7xqqamr.jpg
I was, of course, very excited to brainstorm, "What does one wear to a classy brunch?" I adore this dress and originally bought it for a progressive dinner in high school (so I guess you could say it's always been surrounded by food) and I realized I hadn't worn it this season yet (or on the blog, since my FIRST OUTFIT POST)!
 photo IMG_3198_zpsijozk3vu.jpg
Another reason why I love this dress is because I can literally match it with a million colors. Went with red on this day! My lipstick is Rimmel Rich Moisture lipstick in Diva Red.
 photo IMG_3196_zpslmjq41dh.jpg
This dainty bracelet was a graduation gift from my mom's sweet cousin in Finland, Marjo. Thank you Marjo! The little charm is a Finnish wildflower, and I love stuff like that!

Pretty sure this "clutch" is a cosmetic pouch from Target from foreverrrr ago, but it worked very nicely as an extra punch of red, with a spot for my lipstick, phone, and cardholder!
 photo IMG_3182_zpsjgsys0cz.jpg
So excited to finally wear my nude heels! I purchased these on a random "maybe I'll just check it out" trip to a boutique by Hunter's apartment. They were marked down to $20 with just one size left, that difficult to find but easy to love 6.5. Fate! They are perfect!
 photo IMG_3190_zpsmm7jmugv.jpg
polo- J.Crew, belt- Dockers, shorts- Local Honey (vintage), shoes- Sperry's

Hunter even let me snag one picture of him, since he was all gussied up! You can't tell in this picture but his shorts are an adorable seersucker, that someone with pretty good taste picked out ;) we frequently have to have lessons in "Vintage doesn't mean dirty or old!" 

And now back to my perpetual Monday to-do list: clean my room. Clean out my purse. Clean my car! Laundry. Grocery shop. Figure out what I'm doing this week.


Andi said...

well, aren't you just gorgeous! Sounds like you guys had a lovely little brunch!

JennaStevie said...

This is such a gorgeous dress, love the florals!! And that sounds like such a wonderful afternoon :)

Anonymous said...

What a pretty dress! Such lovely colours. Sounds like a great day out! XX

Alexa said...

so im in love with your outfit and that french toast looks so YUMMY! best of luck in your job search :) youre all grown up haha! I'm enjoying college but there is a lot of work and I know its gonna get busier. I'm taking econ, french, and a business class right now as well as three other core classes!! I'm starting to get a little homesick :( but i'm still enjoying myself!! I hope you're having fun as well and I hope you find a job you like

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thanks Alexa! College is a definite transition as far as workload and also time management!! You've probably noticed that's the hardest thing because there is so much to do all the time! I know you'll be fine though :)

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