return of the jellies!

Boom. Boston Market. (Anyone watch the James Franco roast this week? Anyone??)
Stop me if I've told my "jellies" anecdote on the blog before. In the mid-90's, when Pogs, The Secret World of Alex Mack, and The Backstreet Boys ruled the land, and jellies were all the rage, I recall my sisters having a couple pairs (one specific pair comes to mind- cobalt blue with puff paint detailing). For some terrible reason, and much to my 9 year old dismay, my mom promised to but never bought me a pair! Fast-forward to circa Sophomore year of high school when jellies made their first comeback. I found a pair at Gap and you better believe I reminded my mom of her promise. Since that episode in elementary school, I have diagnosed myself with a "jellies-accumulation" complex. And I just can't resist. And now, once again, they're in style hooray!
jacket- Gap, sunglasses- inherited, dress- Gap c/o Carina, bracelet- gift from Dithy, shoes- Old Navy
I picked these babies up on a recent trip to Old Navy and man I'm so glad I did, with all the crazy sales on clearance they were about a $3.50 investment that I would make again today. So I don't feel guilty, also upon further thought I realized this is the one and only pair of sandals I've purchased this summer.
The only reasoning behind this outfit was "How can I wear my new sandals?" But I kinda liked the classic simple feel of it. I've had this jean jacket for going on 7 years now? It's the gift that keeps on giving! Back in style, once again! This t-shirt dress is another beautiful piece of inheritance from my sis.
I wore this for a dinner with a few family friends I know from California. Hunter and I had the best time laughing and eating a wonderful meal (I brought the au gratin potatoes). We've been having dinner dates of all shapes and sizes and enjoying them so much. Plus it gives me a chance to practice my marketable house-wife skills and try new recipes! 

I gotta go because I'm gonna eat some Doritos- did I say that out loud? I meant, I have to go because I have to be at work one hour early today, at 4! Then tonight we're on the hunt to find Keith Urban because apparently he's playing in some bars downtown after his real concert #nashvilleprobzzz

Happy weekend to you and yours!


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

well those are the cutest jellies that I've ever seen! What Old Navy are you going to where you find all these gems!?

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Larissa said...

Those sandals are super cute! And I love the color- combination of sandals and nail polish :)
The jeans jacker looks super cool on you ,)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


JennaStevie said...

Love this simple casual look! That denim jacket is perfect, and love the purple jelly flats

Alissa said...

I remember these as a kid! My parents wouldn't buy me a pair and I was so jealous of everyone who had them!

Elana said...

These are by far the coolest jellies I've seen yet! I think you definitely owed yourself a pair after missing out as a kid :) LOVE the simplicity of this; it's such a perfection summer to fall transition look! Hope you've been doing well, Priya! Yours and Hunter's dinner dates just make me smile!

Unknown said...

What a simple, cute outfit :)

How did your Guiness cake turn out? I'd neither heard of, nor tasted, Guiness cake until you mentioned it. In fact, I had to google it...and then I was all, "What??!!?" Harhar :P

Priya said...

Thanks Jessica! It's the Nashville West one, it's a gem :)

Priya said...

Thank you Vivienne!

and Unfortunately, not great. It was sweet so it was still nice to eat, but the consistency was off because I think I used too much Guiness! So I'm determined to try again!

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