colors of a cowboy cliche

I thought it fitting to use some John Mayer lyrics for an outfit post of what I wore to see him in concert. [FYI- the lyric is from "3x5", one of my all-time favorites, off Room For Squares, and though he actually played quite a bit from RFS, 3x5 didn't make the cut :(]

boots- Nashville Flea Market, dress- Target, earrings- NFM, purse- thrifted, sunglasses- (RayBans!!) inherited from work 

Being in Nashville means that cowboy boots are absolutely standard concert wear, and though John Mayer is not country (though, his latest is quite folky) I thought the boots were approp. Really you can never be sure what you'll be walking through at a concert (especially a giant amphitheatre one) so boots are a great idea. Man I love these cowboy boots, which is evident on my blog! For a montage of pictures and outfits in these boots, look here!
I scored this dress earlier in the summer when Target was running amaaazing clearance sales, and decided pretty early on I was gonna save it for the show. It's one of those Target gems that fits just right and is made of nice sturdy material (THAT was a mom comment if I've ever made one!), so it could pass for a J.Crew find with the right sales pitch.

A couple more notes on accessories- these are 1/3 of the kooky sets of earrings I picked up on my last trip to the Nashville Flea Market. It was our anniversary weekend and I had about 10 minutes to sift through a tangled pile of silver, gold, chains and brooches, so my only goal was to make a couple pairs!  I at first thought, ok these are really weird, I wonder if I will every wear them, but I LOVE them. This pair has kinda an Egyptian feel and ties the black & brown together nicely, I thought. 

And my little crossbody- if this has never been on my blog before, I don't believe it! This beauty was a thrifting find in Santa Cruz with my girl Jacqui. She actually encouraged me to buy it, and I hesitated to wear it for a few months (idk why- because I like purses that I can fit my laptop in, I guess) buuttt since then I pretty much use it non-stop. I would like to invest in a trendy orange/blue crossbody purse, but for now, this neutral one works just fine!

I know what you're thinking, I swear I've seen that dress on your blog before, Priya! That's because my bestie Schepy sported it originally for Joanna's wedding in June. And now it's our best friends dress!! I'm not up for any "Who Wore It Better" competitions, because she does look pretty cute...

As for the show/24 hour trip to Atlanta, all my John Mayer dreams came true! He was, as advertised, an amazing performer, not to mention very weird and active in his facial expressions. He mentioned before one set that he hoped it was still feeling a little bit like summer for us...I couldn't have put that better myself. Road-tripping to an amphitheatre show with a sundress on and hot dog in one hand felt like a farewell to a long, sweet summer. Especially because the weather is finally changing around here! 
As for the trip, it was a quick turnaround, and pretty tiring, leaving me a little pooped this week, but I did get a Zaxby's birthday cake shake. Also- Saturday we stumbled onto the set of The Fast and the Furious 7 and saw Vin Diesel #atlantaprobz

Happy Weekend Y'all! 


Kristian said...

You definitely look like summer- a summer concert outfit if ever I saw one. How fun.

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Those boots are rocking! I'm from Texas, and I chide myself that I have yet to buy a pair of cowboy boots- tsk tsk for me. I love John Mayer, his voice is so soulful. My favorite song of his is Edge of Desire. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Larissa said...

Wow, this looks so cool! The glasses and the dress and the boots and everything! Perfect!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Lots of love!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

You little cutie! You & your fabulous flea market finds always get me!

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