once upon a fair

I realize it's been a loooong time since I've posted anything other than an outfit post! And that's ok! I do love having a blog as a record for that, not to mention getting SO inspired by lots of other lovely ladies. However, since wearing clothes isn't the only thing I do, I always want to include the other bits of my life. No one will be blogging forever, but I hope perfectly Priya still exists forever so I can remember this time in my life fondly, not to mention show my kids that camo really was in style at one point.

These pictures are way overdue. But honestly it feels like summer is just now wrapping up, so here's one of my favorite memories of it.

Being there as the sun set and the lights came up was, in a [cliche] word, magical.
IMG_2932 2
IMG_2942 2
We visited the Wilson County Fair with our sweet friends Dith and Ryan! I don't think I had truly ever been to a real fair before, mostly because I don't think anyone attends the Santa Clara County fair. Bit of TN wisdom- Wilson County's is supposed to be the best fair.We went all out with the fried food and delicacies of the fair. I had a gigantic bag of cotton candy (which amazingly I wasn't able to stomach like I did when I was a kid), Hunter insisted we get deep-fried Oreos. What can I say, southern boy knows his fried foods. I can't even describe them. It was like a soft warm Oreo inside a donut, and it was incredible.

And then we ate vegetables for the rest of the week.
For all of its' lovelies, TN doesn't have great amusement parks. So, we rode the rides where half the thrill is that it may fall apart as you're riding, until we nearly puked, because otherwise you're not doing it right. And we did it with Wilson County's finest.

A summer memory not soon to be forgotten. Summer 2013, RIP. 


Unknown said...

looks like a fun day :D

Larissa said...

Its been years that I went to a fair... that one looks really nice! I like how you explained how you will show your blog to your children later in your life ;)
Have a wonderful day!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

What a fun post! A fair is truly one of the most summery signs of summer, if ya know what I mean! Fried oreos sound amazing haha!

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