weekend update: cheers, columbus!

Hi everyone! This past week turned into an impromptu blogiatus. Basically I worked everyday last week until my family came into town on Friday, and this weekend was a blur. A wonderful blur. How thankful am I to have siblings sprinkled around the country, to come visit me in Nashville, and make home feel not so far away (and a wonderful boyfriend to help me host them). Here's what went down on this fabulously crazy weekend.
Friday afternoon I went straight from work to pick up Carina from the airport! We headed straight to Barista Parlor for her first taste of East Nashville- the hipster's paradise, then for a walk on the greenway, and then to Whiskey Kitchen for dinner! (Yes, I took Galina there when she visited too, it's a great place!). Locals- get thyself to Barista Parlor and Whiskey Kitchen, asap. Friday night we headed downtown to give Carina her first real Honkytonk experience at Robert's Western World- deluxe.
iMemories (clockwise): our Barista treat, the most beautiful walk, Robert's 'grammed, a smashing band!
Sundar & Amir arrived in town late Friday night, so by Saturday morning, we were all ready to hit the town! The five of us had brunch at Sky Blue Cafe, which was dreamyyy.

Saturday afternoon, the guys took off for their "bro time", and Carina and I hit the road for Kentucky! Carina's friend Heather is from KY, but they worked together in CA, and she was getting married in KY! So we were able to attend the most lovely wedding right at sunset on a farm in Kentucky.
Congratulations Heather & Andrew, and thanks for letting me +1!
clockwise: a pit-stop to find Carina the most perfect vintage Cowboy boots (when in Nashville...), a wonderful Southern menu, and our wedding wear (dress didn't fit like it did in HS).

After a drive back late Saturday night, Sunday we squeezed in everything else possible before Carina flew out in the evening, and then some more!

Activities included but were not limited to: lunch at Taqueria, a haircut for Carina, a tour around 12 South, Jeni's ice cream, the Parthenon, disc golfing, the Pharmacy, and Broadway take 2. Whew.
These three had too much fun playing golf, watching football, and eating BBQ while Carina & I were away at the wedding! 
clockwise: Parthenon hangs, neon lights, sibling sandwich @ the Pharmacy, Huntee making me smile
*I have to give Carina credit for some of these instagrammed shots!

And so, this is why I have not been anywhere near a blog recently! This weekend went by way too fast, but I'd say we made the most of it (aaaand that's in the running for most cliche sentence of all time). But really, trying to show someone (or three someones) the best of Nashville in one weekend is a challenge! One that I took upon myself gladly.

I completely enjoyed an entire weekend off work! So now it's back to that [part-time] grind. And the usual life stuff. Also, lots of laundry. 


Alissa said...

Sounds like you had a fun-filled, but busy weekend!

Andrea Fer said...

Awww I so love how close all of you guys are! And also how Hunter helps you, so sweet.

Priya said...

thank you Andrea :)

Carina said...

I always feel like a celebrity when I see myself on your blog! Great post!

Priya said...

I love you, duhhh

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