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scarf- c/o Carina, sweater, c/o Carina, pants- Old Navy, booties- Old Navy
Just a couple outfit notes: These were taken (by Shel's brother: shout-out to you, Kolten!) in the fall in an attempt to capture some foliage! I wanted to find a way to turn these "cargo" (can you tell?) pants into colder weather way. This was a simple, really cozy attempt that I enjoyed wearing! 
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Almost forever ago the sweet and kind Akshara (no seriously- girl's a gem and a wizard with words! Check her out!) nominated me for a Liebster award. Thank you Akshara! 
I've gone through the Liebster process once before, but I couldn't resist answering a good questionnaire. And hers is a good one. Like I mentioned before, sometimes I feel like I jumped right into blogging without much of an intro of who I am. I love getting to know people through their blogs, that's the reason why I'll continue to read a blog, so I like including things like this when I get a chance. 

What is the #1 item on your bucket list?
I do have a legit, written in a journal, bucket list, first off. Nothing on it is really "ranked", but if I had to add urgency to one I would say "traveling around mainland Europe"!

Sapphires or Emeralds?
Jewels, period. Emeralds over Sapphires though. Emerald Green is just gorg.

What is your favorite clothing store?
Pretty sure it's Old Navy. I love really boring, classic stuff, but I also love that come up with cute trendy items per season. Price is always fantastic and they are constantly running awesome sales!

If you could be best friends with a TV character, who would it be?
Summer Roberts from The O.C. :)

Dream car?
An Audi. Specifically a black Audi A6.

Favorite genre of music?
This is tough, and i HATE to be the kind of person that says "all kinds!" Honestly since I've gotten older I have learned to appreciate certain aspects of all kinds of music. But if I had to say favorite of all time...alternative, piano-rock type stuff. 

Favorite season?
Fall. No questions. September is consistently my favorite month every year.

Favorite city in the world?
There are still so many for me to see, but for right now, San Francisco!

Sail around the ocean or fly up into outer space?
Ocean! Flying in space for some reason sounds really uncomfortable to me (maybe it's the lack of oxegen, idk?). An ocean sail sounds relaxing and classy as hell. 

Thanks for the fun questions, Akshara! Remember to go visit her at Simply Akshara!

Oh...and what's really going on in my life right now? Finishing all my Christmas shopping, packing to go home, packing to move houses, wrapping presents, making cards, spending some time with Huntee. All whilst listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack (gooo have a listen. I am omg! not crazy about Christmas music. But the Vince Guaraldi Trio makes it soooo worthwhile.)

I'm headed home tomorrow early in the a.m., making my return to CA right around 1 p.m. Three cheers!

Safe travels & good cheer to all until I (potentially) stop by again this week. 


Kristian said...

What a fun list :) San Francisco was fun the one time i visited.

joy said...

Love your cute outfit, the scarf is such a nice color! And haha me too, SF is my favorite city too :) Are you going to be in the bay area during the holidays? :D

Alissa said...

I am totally with you on the Emerald thing!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Loved reading your answers girl! Thumbs for your dream car, I'm in love with Audi! I'm so thrilled that we get to know each other better by doing questionnaires like these :)

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