2013: what I wore

I might be a day late and a buck short with this one, seeing as the New Year has officially begun. The last few days have been madness; flying back to TN, moving in literally one day, the after-moving crazy syndrome, and of course NYE.

Despite all that's going on, I'm pretty determined to reflect over 2013 through my blog, it's been a wonderful and pivotal year for me! I'm easing myself into a "recap" post for 2013, as I simultaneously ease myself back into real life post-Christmas vacation. I love chronology/lists/reading other's "year in review" posts, and have toyed with several ideas.

Here's a peek at some of my favorite looks in 2013.
January: Omg guys, remember when I was in college? I sure miss Em taking amazing pictures for me. Also missing that long hair and bangs. This outfit was so colorful and fun.
(View the full post here!)
outfit-001February: (L)- I loved the colorful layering, and this is probably my favorite dress (here).
(R)- I loved this outfit. I mean, perfect for the season that is Valentine's Day (here).

March: Remember when I was growing my bangs out? Ugh. Stole this vest from Dad (here).
 photo outfit1_zps1ce5b7d2.jpg
April: (L)- Possibly my favorite blogged outfit. The matched prints had the same color scheme (here).
(R)- You may have seen this before, in my button! This outfit is, for lack of a better term, perfectly Priya (here).
Also, all I wear is brown boots apparently.
 photo IMG_1987_zps3538fd36.jpg
May: In May I didn't wear clothes. Or I didn't blog about it, one of the two. Last set of pictures at this house. And oh, my strawberry shirt. I've yet to find a more summery one (here)!
June: (L)- I actually won a few giveaways this year! This gorg dress via The Braided Bandit (here).
(R)- This thrifted + gifted outfit took me all over the city, on accident (here).
July: Back in TN, wearing a necklace from my CA travels, in my new neighborhood (here)!

August: (L)- I'm guilty of wearing a t-shirt over dress combo waaaay too often (here).
(R)- My new purple cap + sweatskirt made for sporty chic (here)!
September: This pretty dress accompanied me for a brunch date (here)!
Collages1October: (L)- New silk shorts + wedges for a concert date night in Nashville (here).
(R)- New dress + aviators for the John Mayer concert in Atlanta (here). 
I'm amazed at how warm the weather was still in October in Nashville!
November: Wore my first [borrowed] silk blouse, and I'm obsessed (here)!
lgTZXN+zS9+PSA6p%WolCQDecember: (L)- Bright pants for some great times in SF with Carina (here).
(R)- My first peplum for my first Nutcracker (here)!

I don't know that "fashion" is necessarily the centerpiece of my blog, I think I'm waaaay too all over the place for that. But, it's interesting, and it's honestly been a huge help to me in keeping track of what I've enjoyed wearing, along with what I end up wearing a lot. Including a fashion element in my blog inspires me to wear what I have in my closet and in different ways. Not to mention it makes a nice scrapbook of all my well-outfited adventures for the year.

Now it's your turn, what looks are your favorite? To what outfits do you say "Keep it up, Priya!" and to which do you say "Never wear that again. Please." I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for the constant support & inspiration this year! I am thankful for every single one of you that share perfectly Priya with me!


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Happy New Year Priya! I've missed reading your blog, and I'm so happy to be back into the blogging scene again!

All your outfits are gorgeous, so chic! I especially love what you wore on Valentine's Day and on date night in Nashville. Plus, your strawberry shirt is so awesome! Can't wait to see what you have lined up in 2014!

I hope this year brings you lots of happiness, good health, and prosperity! Cheers friend!

Tanvi said...

You've got cute style! Love how you mix prints and colors. Glad to stumble upon your blog.

Happy New Year!

∞ © tanvii.com ∞

Andi said...

You are just gorgeous! It's fun to see the year in review. I say "Keep it up, Priya!"

The Shopper said...

Love year in review posts! Just stumbled across your blog and really am enjoying it.

I totally echo the sentiment of blogging being a way to kind of keep track of what you wear, how you wear it etc. Love the idea of learning how to remix your own wardrobe and find different ways of wearing things you already own. Keep it up!


Priya said...

you are so sweet, thank you so much, and welcome back Akshara!

Priya said...

thanks so much for coming by, Tanvi!

Danny said...

Lovely.....I have seen the other posts as well, and I appreciate your spirit to share the stories ....you look amazing and full of life. Gob Bless...cheers to life :)

Priya said...

thanks Andi :)

Priya said...

thank you so much for coming by, and for your kind words!

Priya said...

Danny, thanks a bunch!

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