2013: what I did

I couldn't let 2014 arrive without realizing what a huge year 2013 was for me. I would say, generally, it was a good year [how can you gauge that though? Really.] Most importantly, I think it's set me up for the next chapter of my life, as a young, working professional. I've kissed my college and part-time job days goodbye...and without any more spoilers, here's a look at what went down in 2013.
In January my best girllll from high school, Jenae, came to visit me in Nashville (read more here).
 photo 85C5F47A-1B0F-4489-A288-03351EF34A41_zpsvqbxtahb.jpg
In February I celebrated a very Nashville V-Day (and 30th month anniversary) with Huntee (here).
 photo IMG_1804_zps38c138c9.jpg In March I spent #SB13 in Gulf Shores with grand friends (here).
 photo F34FB302-DAC5-4BFB-8C04-50AE5705CC86_zpserpjrerd.jpg In April  I saw one of my favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon in concert (here). 
 photo IMG_2046_zps4b5330b1.jpg In May I graduated from college, visited with family in Nashville, and got my first car (here)!
IMG_2450 In June I turned 22, and spent the month in CA (and cruisin'!) with family & friends (here).
 photo 2865B668-A12D-4407-899D-B748A35E06FF_zpse4yvrzsk.jpg
In July I headed back to Nashville, back to work, and saw BEYONCE (here).
 photo E85F7C05-3B10-4F41-BDE3-E986546E7F9D_zpsfqa4vlyq.jpg In August Hunter & I celebrated our three year anniversary with many of our favorite things (here).
 photo IMG_3093_zps172e3bb3.jpg In September I traveled to Virginia Beach, VA via Davidson for a Labor Day brofest (here).
 photo IMG_34202_zps9af39233.jpg In October, I dressed up as the Chiquita Banana lady, visited with family, and started a new job (here)!
 photo IMG_3526_zpsb7e86ccb.jpg In November, I traveled back to CA to spend Thanksgiving with my faves (here).
 photo IMG_3649_zps75c595ec.jpg
In December, I celebrated Christmas in Nashville & CA, and moved again (here)!

What a year it was! Thank you for sharing it with me.
What were your biggest moments in 2013? I'd love to share those with you!


Andrea Fer said...

I LOVED THIS POST. You looked SO pretty in the graduation pictures and then also in the December picture, and anniversary picture. You're fabulous.

Also...that is quite the dysfunctional halloween picture of all of us...but I love it! Hah!

Priya said...

I love it too, ohh Ethie

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