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Happy Monday to you! Here's a story about how I got my favorite sweatshirt of all time. 
 photo IMG_3633_zpspkehjjrs.jpg
| earrings: gift | button-up: Huntee's | sweatshirt: gift | skirt: vintage via Local Honey | tights:?? | pumps: Marshalls |

The scene opens: last fall, I was working my restaurant job when in walked a girl wearing this exact sweatshirt. I love donuts by default, because, duh, but they have an extra special place in my heart from my days working at Donut Den. I couldn't help but squeal and tell the girl I loved her sweatshirt. She informed me it was Kate Spade. I found it online, despite already knowing it would be out of my price range. And it was :,(

Even still, I texted my sister, Carina, right away (that's what we do). She agreed, it was a sweatshirt of almost unreal proportions. The sweatshirt then stayed nestled only in my sartorial dreams. Until...

Fast-forward to a few months later. Carina texted me and said she had to send my Christmas present right away, because she was too excited and couldn't wait. Fast-forward to a few days later, when I received a package in the mail, with none other than: my dream sweatshirt. I made sounds that probably only dogs could hear. Then I called my sister and made some more louddddd sounds.
 photo IMG_3640_zpse2eqapnq.jpg
Maybe this is just me, but when I get some wonderful article of clothing I'm instantly a bit stressed about how to wear it. Perhaps I'm only striving to to do it justice? Hunter voted for "a nice pair of jeans" since the sweatshirt itself is so fun. I immediately thought of this skirt from my favorite vintage shop in Nashville, Local Honey, because of the similar color scheme. I agree completely that the sweatshirt could go with something simpler, but I couldn't help myself.
 photo IMG_3642_zpsjwkrbftj.jpg
This bracelet brought to you by my graduation from college outfit. Sparkly mani by yours truly.
These pictures were actually taken a while ago, by my new work friend Kelley. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes she takes pictures for me realllly quick while we're at work. We've gotta capitalize on that daylight! Otherwise a fashion blog can become obsolete in the winter!
 photo IMG_3641_zps1xlvilcu.jpg
And here's "the icing on the donut", if you will: my old "work earrings", pink frosted mini-donuts from Claire's gifted to me by Huntee, because he's cute. This is borderline kitschy, but again, I can't help myself.
 photo IMG_3636_zpsl2loae81.jpg
Thank you Carina, for being in my top two favorite sisters, and for sending me one of the best gifts ever! Problem: I want to wear this sweatshirt every day of my life.

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy on this freezing day (current temp in Nashville: 10 degrees. This is the HIGH today. Whaaaaaat?) You better believe I am wearing exercise pants and pretending they are tights. Have a great start to the week! 


Unknown said...

ohhh, YUM!!! great sweater Priya :)

Darcy said...

That sweater is SO fun!! I love the graphic print. And your skirt is so pretty. A pink pencil skirt is on my shopping list right now!

Alissa said...

That sweater is a) FUN b) ridiculously cute c) has an awesome story! It's like the perfect trifecta for a sweater!

Larissa said...

Haha, I know the problem with the daylight... winter is difficult for blogging.
Hey, I have to say THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my last post! I had a little bit of a difficult time in November and December and I felt so frustated about everything that I thought maybe its better to close my blog because I just felt bad about everything. I've bent thinking for a month now and I began to miss it a lot and after reading all your sweet comments I decided not to stop. Its a new year, I am feeling much better and I am exited to blog again! Thanks for your support!!!
I loved your 2013-review and this funny outfit! Will look through your older posts now... :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of love!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Oh my gosh! First of all, your sister is too awesome for getting you this sweatshirt! And I love the way you paired it with a skirt instead of jeans, really dresses up your entire outfit. Kate Spade + donuts for the win!!

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