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Hi, friends! Lots going on today. I should start by saying: I got a new camera lens (Canon 50 mm f/1.8 II)! My poor lil' Rebel lens was nearly kaput, and I've been itching to invest in a new one anyway. It finally came in the mail the other day, and my sweet friend Kelley was kind enough to take pictures for me like right away (this is outside my office).

Since I'm all about updating previous lists, I'll add that my new lens should help me accomplish a couple of my "blogging resolutions": better outfit posts & getting better at photography. Still have a lot to learn about the new lens, but already I think the pictures look awesome! On the note of resolutions: I've been playing around with my header as well. What do you think? 

See, lots to cover today!!
 photo IMG_4074_zpswvrfwptb.jpg
| earrings: Old Navy | sweater: J. Crew Factory | shirt: Old Navy | skirt: Old Navy | belt: LOFT |          | shoes: Marshall's |

So, the outfit. I know it seems like I'm being super festive (or at least finally acknowledging the holiday on my blog) but really, I love hearts year-round and I've been wearing this sweater non-stop. Am I the only one that does this? Find an item in your closet that you love and then wear it non-stop? 

It helps that my mother/boss/bf at work, Christine (I like to say she "hired me and then raised me") has the SAME exact sweater! Is this why I got hired? Maybe! Am I ok with that? Definitely! I keep trying to wear it and hope that we "accidentally" wear it on the same day, hasn't happened yet, but I think the odds are going up. 
 photo IMG_4077_zpset5g9rav.jpg
Another thing that's happening non-stop: blingy earrings. Maybe it's because I've been watching American Hustle (and I say "been watching" because I've sat down to watch it in pieces like FOUR times and I'm STILL not done). Maybe it's because jewelry is usually an after-thought in the morning and glamorous earrings are the easiest way to say "I tried", no other pieces required! 

For whatever the reason, I can't stop wearing blingy earrings with everything: t-shirts, this sweater, to the gym (I have been quoted as saying "Accessories do NOT come off for practice!"). Love 'em. 
 photo IMG_4079_zpshxmihq45.jpg
If you follow me on Pinterest (shameless plug) you may have noticed I've gone crazy pinning tons of outfits. I've been feeling a little uninspired as of late. So now I am charged up with sooo many ideas. I love the idea of a "pinned it and did it" type challenge (though not a fan of that name, really). This outfit is 100% copied from this pin. How'd I do? 
 photo IMG_4075_zpsk0afe1zi.jpg
This belt was my own addition to the pin. I figured, I have a couple prints/colors going on here, why not add another?

And this picture was when Kelley said "Now I just want you to be cute and be yourself!" I immediately went into crazy mode. This is what Valentine's Day does to me.
 photo IMG_4081_zpstzbcdofj.jpg
I'll finish by saying: wherever you end up on this Valentine's Day, I hope you feel loved! I also hope you feel chocolate, that never hurts. XO! 

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Unknown said...

Blingy jewelry is my obsession right now too! Love, love love!

Alissa said...

OMG WOW! Holy moly what great photos!

Unknown said...

Happy V day, I hope you have a lovely day and your sweater is gorgeous :D

Kristian said...

Such a fun sweater- for this holiday and all year round!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That is such a cute sweater! I have a heart sweater from Target that I just want to wear everyday it gets cold enough, which is hardly ever I might add! Perfect for Valentine's Day :)
Are you and your beau doing anything special?

Laura B said...

I love love love the gingham underneath! The belt was the perfect addition! Pinning!

Mrs. Teacher Ma'am said...

This is just the cutest outfit!

Andrea Fer said...

Aww Priya you look too cute!! I like the shirt and sweater combination...I always feel frumpy when I try to pull it off...but I really like it, and your face in your crazy pic...gorgeous!!

Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

Simona said...

You look soo cute my dear! Love your heart sweater combined with the checked shirt <3

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

First of all, you are one of the cutest people I have ever seen! And the pictures look wonderful. Yay for a new lens! I love the heart sweater - so great that you already had it on hand. I love the way you recreated the pin!

Aspen Kelty Marie said...

Such a lovely outfit so glad I stumbled on your blog! New follower!

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kate @ a journey in style said...

I adore this outfit. It is perfect for Valentine's Day, but I would think your smile is radiant enough that you could wear it whenever and still manage to spread cheer!

Unknown said...

Love this post! Ur sucha cutie!! Hope u had a good Valentines day!


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I love this so hard! Congrats on your new lens lady!
Enter my current giveaway!

Karen said...

You're so freaking adorable! And I absolutely love this outfit!

Deepak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deepak said...

Priyaaa.. that's perfect... :)

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