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Today I am style swapping with Lauren at Exploring My Style! Lauren is a blogger friend who's actually from [pretty much] the same city as me in CA! I wasn't familiar with style swapping until I learned about the concept through Lauren last week. Basically, your blogger bud becomes your stylist, just by looking through outfit posts on your blog.

For Lauren, I suggested a sweet and fierce combo of a fabulous thrifted skirt, faux leather jacket, and those awesome shoes. I love the accessories she added to finish the look! Be sure and head over to Exploring My Style to see the rest of her outfit (along with thrifting treasures, SoCal sunshine, day-to-night outfit ideas...) thanks for swapping with me, Lauren! It's always nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on your closet. [On that note, anyone else interested in a style swap! Let me know!!]
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button-up: secondhand Target, belt: from Shel, skirt: Anthro, boots: Frye via Amazon
*all photos edited with VSCOCam*

For my swapped look, Lauren had the idea of combining a flannel button-up and this corduroy skirt, both well-loved pieces in my closet. Even though I love this skirt, as it's one of a few pieces I own from Anthropologie AND it's feautured in my button, I haven't worn it at all this season! I'm glad Lauren suggested it because it really is a great item that I don't wear enough.

My girl Kelley took these for me outside my office, in literally the most beautiful display of golden hour ever. Seriously, it's almost so golden-y that you can't see my face. 

And if you would, please direct your attention (to where I'm looking) at the newest edition to my closet: my Frye boots! I've had my eye on these since I saw them on my sister, Carina, first (standard). They seem like the most perfect pair of riding boots, not to mention everyone I know loves their Fryes and has had them forever. The color I wanted was on a random sale on Amazon, so I took the plunge and made the splurge. 

Blame it on this golden lighting that you can't see them very well...but I have been wearing them quite often so I'm sure you'll see them soon. 

Thanks again Lauren, for swapping with me! And happy almost-weekend to the rest of you! I'm looking forward to honing my domestic skills, a little shopping, a mani-pedi, a themed birthday party, and even a little photo shoot. Stay tuned! 


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Love, love, love the outfit Lauren selected for you! The colors look gorgeous on you, and the golden hour lighting is so beautiful. I'm always a fan of looking into the sky at that hour. Like always, you look so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend Priya!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Your outfit looks so wonderful! I'm glad it turned out ok in person and not just in my head haha. I'm so excited you got a pair of Frye's! Aren't the most gorgeous boots? I want a pair in every color.

nicole s. said...

that sunshine is PEFECTION. almost as good as your outfit! i worked at DSW for a very short time--i had to get out before i ended up with a pair of Fryes. could. not. afford! i love that yellow skirt so much, and it's styled perfectly here with the plaid and boots. such a great transition look!

also, i adore the outfit you chose for Lauren. might have to copycat that this weekend!

xo nicole

Unknown said...

You look stunning (as always) and I didn't know about the blog style swap! It is such a good idea! Oh and your boots are super nice! I love them - a great investment, I'd say! :)


Anonymous said...

This is such a cool idea! I haven't heard of style swapping before but very cool. That skirt is wonderful also! XX

chloe said...

I love this! I wish I had the skin tone to pull of yellow. It looks great with that belt & those boots - are Frye really so great as everyone makes them out to be? xx

p.s. this style swap thing is such a cool idea!

Larissa said...

This is such a fun idea! I think your outfit turned out great and I also love how you mixed an outfit for your blogger friend! Also, the pictures from the last post with the red lipstick on- you look so french and cute and great :)!!!!
It was a pleasure scrolling through your last posts! Your blog became SO pretty latelty. I mean it was really pretty before too, but somehow everything looks so much more professional recently. Can you tell me your secret :)?????

Thank you so much for your last comment! They always make me so happy :)

Alexa said...

Wait this is such a great idea! You both have such cute style <3 you rock that yellow skirt like no other Priya. Like actually I think if I tried to pull it off it would just not work for me! Love this outfit :) hope you're doing well love

Alexa <3

Kellyinthecity said...

Love that top!


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I love this idea! You girlies are too fun!


Emily said...

I adore the outfits both of you picked! The color combo you chose for Lauren is so eye-popping, I can't get over it. I would LOVE to do a style swap with you some day!

Emmett Katherine said...

both of your outfits are cute & visually interesting. your mustard colour skirt is fab, what a great piece!

Emmett - Hippie Lace

Bri Marie said...

Love this idea and love this combo! I think I'd be afraid to agree to a swap but I'd be SO curious to learn what other people would have me pair together!!

Danielle Wallace said...

Not sure why it's taken me so song to comment on this list, but girl... This skirt and outfit is so perfect! if you ever get tired of that skirt! feel free to slip it in an envelope and send it over my way ;)

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