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Here's my first question: how have my beloved Hunter boots never made it on my blog before? 
 photo IMG_4082_zps96544527.jpg
cardi: Banana Republic, dress: Urban Outfitters, socks: Madewell, boots: Hunter
 photo IMG_4089_zps48e9488a.jpg
I have these babies for going on three years now (haven't cleaned them...once). Sure, they seemed like a bit of a splurge at first, but if you follow the "cost-per-wear" school of thought, they've been worth it. They feel very chic and equally well-made.  I wear them at even the slightest chance of rain, and then go out of my way to run through puddles. I'm not really in to wearing them when it's not rainy, like I've seen some bloggers do. Maybe someday.
 photo IMG_4086_zps19d58764.jpg
Of course it seems inevitable that when I do where them, it takes forever to rain! This day was ssssooo windy, until it finally poured in the late afternoon #winning. 

You might remember this dress and her sister from here and here. I have a feeling that this dress might have more potential re-constructed into a skirt. 

I kept getting comments on how "Springy" I looked this day. Well, I think it WORKED because we are finally feeling a big of Spring in these parts!
 photo IMG_4091_zps5d9422b0.jpg
Kelley made me! I don't know how she gets me to do this crazy/weird stuff. I guess it is nice to have some new poses for pictures!

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend, and thank you for all the kind words on my last few posts! Y'all sure know how to make a blogger feel special. 

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Unknown said...

I do follow the 'cost per wear' school of thought and I reckon hunter boots are totally worth it :D Loving the bright color, and it looks great with your outfit

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Such a cute floral dress! I love your bright yellow rainboots! So bright and cheerful :)

joy said...

I've been thinking about splurging on hunter boots but I'm still trying to decide what color, hahahaha. Anyway, I love this fun yellow color with the cute floral dress :)

Bhushavali said...

Priya! You look fantabulous!!! The floral dress and yellow boots combo is awesome. Love the look!!!
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The Braided Bandit said...

This outfit is so pretty and cheerful! My favorite outfits are bright and colorful ones against the backdrop of greyer days, I just think it makes the photography pop more :) Your yellow boots and grey socks are perfect together! I reallllly would love a pair of hunter boots but we hardly get any rain here in Colorado so I have yet to find an actual good reason for me to have them haha.
Happy Monday!
xo Hannah


Kristin Reynolds said...

oh my those boots! Love!
Kristin xx

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