remix: cowboy boots!

For this remix, I wanted to find an item in my closet that I'd worn recently but also throughout my fashion blogging endeavors. I didn't have to look far before these jumped out at me! In the 2ish years since I found them at the flea market, I have worn them countless times (and would literally wear them everyday unless I consciously decide not to).

Now presenting: one of the most-loved items in my closet, my cowboy boots!
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*all photos edited via VSCOCam

1. A perfect Spring look! These boots were made to be paired with a sweet dress like this. Simple, but I love it. 

2. These boots are essentially a kin to me, because here I am wearing them on Christmas day! I boarded last on the brown + black together train, but these boots are a fantastic color that magically work with black tights. 

3. My little bro took these pictures in LA, which really doesn't explain why I'm dressed warmly. Anyway, again they're a delighful color because I'm wearing tan, brown, black, and gold and loving it! 

4. This might be my favorite look on the blog, ever. The boots are a no brainer with a flannel, but the sweet dress adds a girly touch. Bonus: pattern mixing in complimenting colors! I can't wait to wear this again. 

5. I really chanced it going bare-legged in this never-ending winterpocalypse. I used to not like wearing boots with dresses/skirts at the risk of looking trampy, but it's a fun way to stay warm and not wear tights. Bonus: love the brown belt with the boots. 

6. Boots :: concerts as Beyonce :: Jay-Z. This look is such a fun memory of driving to Atlanta with Hunter for the John Mayer show, at the very tail-end of summer. 

Go ahead and check out the full posts, if you dare!
Also, for more cowboy boot-y goodness, check out the label on this post. These pictures are merely a selection.

Linking up with Danielle, Nicole, and Ginny today!


Unknown said...

These boots are great! I love how versatile they are. Thanks for linking up!

Unknown said...

You are so pretty! I love all the outfits but the second would be my fav!
Boots are the go-to foot attire this time of year - they're so flattering and comfortable!


Danielle Wallace said...

I'm from the deep south, but I am not at all a "cowgirl" and I kinda like country music, but I'm not a die hard fan, but I have secretly always wanted a pair of cowboy boots! I am loving that yours aren't TOO cowboy looking... if that makes any sense. I also love that you found them at a flea market. ;)
#2 and #6 are definitely my faves of these! #2 is like cowboy boots made chic and #6 is the perfect simple summer outfit!

<3 danielle

Andi said...

These boots are great! I would wear them all the time, too!

katherine said...

I love #4! I have about 6 pairs of cowboy boots. I used to be obsessed with them! But I mostly just wear booties now. Love your style!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I think number 3 is my favorite! I think cowboy boots are perfect with dresses! Such a sweet and classic look :)

bashashhazbaz said...

you wear them awesomely with each outfit! very nice!

Maria said...

Ooo fun! I haven't worn my cowboy boots since this fall because of all the snow, but you're making me want to break them out again!

Alissa said...

You are rocking those cowboy boots! Love them on you!

Unknown said...

they are very awesome boots, I like looking back at these and seeing all the different ways you've styled them

his little lady said...

How perfect! I love all the ways you styled these cowboy boots :)
xo TJ


nicole s. said...

you actually couldn't be any cuter. i love every single one of these outfits! i really need to take my cowboy boots to the shoe hospital before spring sets in. or maybe i'll look for a pair closer to the color of yours--mine are dark brown and it makes them tough to style.

so glad we found each other through the link up! definitely following for more cute outfits and pretty hair!

xo nicole

Unknown said...

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Marisa Noelle said...

I'm convinced now that I need a pair of cowboy boots in my life! Your outfits are darling all around Priya! I'm really loving it especially with that striped dress b/c I would never think to mix something southwest with something nautical...and it totally looks perfect. Love, love, love!

Emily said...

So cute! I never felt like I could rock cowboy boots properly, but you've given me some ideas ... I'm totally adding them to my thrift store wish list!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You are totally rocking those cowboy boots Priya! I love seeing how one item can look so different depending on what you mix it with. You have such incredible style, I'm loving all of these looks!


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