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Top 'o the Monday to you! I'm back with the third outfit I packed for my trip to CA last weekend (here's the first and second one. More stories and pictures from my trip here!)
 photo IMG_4329_zpsw7msbwnf.jpg
scarf: gift, jacket: Gap (old), t-shirt: Madewell, pants: Old Navy, shoes: Jack Purcell, purse: gift (Target)

I dug a few pieces out of my archives for a day spend on Angel Island. The day turned a lot more hike-y than my outfit intended it to. So, by midday, I wasn't pumped about the black jeans. Hunter & Amir kept saying "What's wrong? Don't you like hiking? Why didn't you just wear running shorts?" I had to explain "I dressed more 'cute day in the city' than 'sweltering hike gaining 780 feet of elevation'." 

Their response? "You actually plan out what you're gonna wear for the day?" I'm trying, boys. 

I think the hardest part about packing (which I already hate) is accessories. Probably because they're an afterthought, and it seems like so much more to plan out! I think I love the idea of packing one scarf to wear the whole weekend. This one worked perfectly with all my colors schemes. Bonus: it's been in my closet for a while since I received it as a gift from my old boss (back in my Hall Assistant days.)
 photo IMG_4338_zpsqfnwy4ca.jpg
 photo IMG_4334_zpseiixmsme.jpg
 photo IMG_4342_zpsmra0snws.jpg
Otherwise this outfit is pretty standard casual. Nothing fancy about a jean jacket, t-shirt, and jeans, but also nothing wrong with a classic look.

I originally purchased these shoes in high school and had them sitting in my closet at my parent's house forever (they are a bit tight). It came to the "wear them or give them away" point for me, so I opted to break them in a bit more. Plus it helps that they are totally being sold by J.Crew now!
 photo IMG_4331_zpszvpdkspt.jpg
pretty much copied this outfit from this pin

I know what you're wondering- where in the heck were these pictures actually taken?? Angel Island is loaded with cool stuff, notably here, old abandoned buildings once used as a military base. This one was so shabby-chic as well as very open, which I thought would provide some beautiful lighting.

Here's Hunter, my mom, and Amir right in front where I took these pictures. How cool is that??
 photo IMG_4347_zps2drj2ncr.jpg
And a couple more pictures from this adventure. It was seriously the most beautiful day in the Bay!
 photo IMG_4277_zpstfgteg7l.jpg
 photo IMG_4283_zpsk0fktci1.jpg
Down to one last outfit from my trip home (here's #1 & #2!), and I'll round it out with a packing summary.

Thanks for reading, dear friends!


Andi said...

It looks so gorgeous! I've never been to SF, but it's on my list. And I know what you mean about being dressed with a certain idea of what the day will bring. Last weekend, we went go-kart racing and then to a fancy restaurant. I didn't quite know how to compromise for those 2 activities. The solution was changing into a different top and pair of shoes for dinner. And no one else changed, so I felt kind of goofy!

nicole s. said...

i love this outfit! and i totally would have done the same thing as far picking a cute outfit over an appropriate one. and then if i'd gone with the gym shorts one, i'd be so uncomfortable if i ended up in the cuteness of the city. ugh, dressing.

these photos are gorgeous!

xo nicole

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I call this elevated casual! Can't beat a worn in jean jacket + chucks! Those boys will never understand.

Enter my current giveaway!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Model status in picture #5, just sayin' ;) i really, really like your outfit! i can see how warm you might have felt with the california sun beating down on ya; texas wouldn't be quite fair to me either. but maybe chicago will? haha! gushing over your bag!

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