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Haaaaaappy Friday, folks! It has been an awesome week. I attribute it to the budding Spring weather that's putting everyone in a good mood. Here's my second look from my trip to CA (view the first one, here!)
 photo IMG_4258_zps228258c8.jpg
necklace: H&M, dress (top): Gap, velvet skirt: thrifted, heels: H&M
As I mentioned, I did a little shopping recently and hit up Nashville's first H&M. SO much good stuff, like I had feared! Meet my new favorite shoes- with a low heel (comfy for work!), dreamy suede, and the most perfect shade I've dubbed "dove gray". I am seriously contemplating going back for them in every color. But I think I've used up my Spring budget.
 photo IMG_4265_zpsf88b19e1.jpg
I also picked up this silver-y necklace (along with my gold one) and have pretty much been alternating between the two of them every other day. A simple, statement (oxymoron?) diamond-y necklace to wear with everything has been on my list for a while now. I'm loving this one!
 photo IMG_4267_zps7c6e10ac.jpg
"Going to the theatre on a Friday night" makes me think classy, a bit dressy, but still fun. I had a few more new goodies to choose from, including this skirt and dress (I'm wearing as a top). Hooray for new clothes!

This skirt was literally an act of thrifting providence. I've seen other bloggers with a phantom "thrifted velvet skirt" and thought, there's no way that was in the middle of a cat sweater and a free college t-shirt. But low-and-behold, as I reminded myself how awesome it would be to find a velvet anything really, I sifted through a rack to lay hands on it. Don't hate me.

Scored this dress at Gap Factory, and I promise you it makes the sweetest little flattering Spring shift, but also worked in a pinch as a top. I love the print. And now I'm turning it over to you: at first glance I thought, leopard print, awesome! But now I'm like...are they small flowers?
 photo IMG_4260_zpsb4cc3e4b.jpg
 photo IMG_4272_zps66dcbabf.jpg
And I know you're baffled by this glossy 'do. Galina and I got our hair done at DryBar this afternoon. Which, as far as I'm convinced, when I die, bury me at DryBar. Place is unreal. I have no idea how to do my hair like this. I honestly think they may have just transplanted a new head of hair on my head.

Lipstick is e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie, for any interested parties. I don't think I've mentioned that I "invested" in a haul from e.l.f., and I'm generally pretty pleased with all of it. This lipstick was one of my favorite items, it goes on super glossy and almost stays on like a gloss. And for $3, you really can't beat it!
 photo IMG_4263_zpsa8705a0e.jpg
I wore this outfit for the show on Friday night, a perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up. I won't rave about Tuppy's performance more on my blog...but I am SO proud of him. He's got a talent, that's for sure! (Also, don't get me started on the picture of the twins...#dead.)
 photo IMG_4818_zpsac6e9def.jpg
*all photos edited with VSCOcam
For more about my trip, you can check out this post and this post!
Aaand we're off for the weekend! Make it count, & I'll be back soon with the third look from my trip.


Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Gah, I am so jealous that you have an H&M! I swear half of my paycheck would go there if there was one in my city!

Alexa said...

Ahhh you look stunning! I love this look <3 also you and your boyfriend are the cutest :) how crazy would it have been if we had run into each other at the airport on Sunday?! I can't even haha :) i hope you have a fab weekend Priya

Alexa <3

Larissa said...

I think if there would be a voting of who is the most beautiful of all bloggers you know, I would not doubt a second before I would say "PRIYA"!!!!! Seriously, once again you look so stunning! The outfit is just perfect and the necklace is so pretty and your hair and just everything :)!
And now I want to wear a high-waist skirt like that today ;)
My firmoo giveaway is still on until tomorrow. Do you want a $30 gift card :)?
Lots of love and ENJOY your weekend!

Unknown said...

Such a pretty outfit! Suede heels are my absolute favorite - wait, make that suede shoes ha! Also, your hair is beautiful. I really need to make an appointment at a dry bar!


Jo said...

Hi Priya,

I hopped over here from the lovely Ali's blog and this lovely lady seems to have lots of very sincere people commenting. I love people like you who takes the time and effort to read and comment. Since I'm new to your blog, I spent a little time snooping around to know more about you.

I love your humour. Oh my, I really love to use the word "oxymoron" too. I'm always talking with oxymoron in my speech. Thrifting providence really cracks me up big time.

BTW, I'm holding my 2nd blog giveaway and I'm inviting you to join. There are Kimmidoll, L'Occitane, Crabtree n Evelyn and Fleurfaerie stuff to be won. No obligations of course though feel free to check it out and participate if keen. Have a lovely Sunday!


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love your commentary on every piece of your outfit. Makes me wish I had the gift of humor like you and Danielle Wo. You guys are always making me laugh whether it's a small inner chuckle or a random spout of what could be thought of as a laughing sound.

H&M is such a dangerous place for me. Everything is so affordable, they have the BEST blazers, and too many adorable accessories. Luckily, the closest one is pretty far away and would require me to take the freeway which I still hate doing so I visit only like 3 times a year. That necklace is SO pretty, I can totally see why you got two.

I'm as stumped as you about the pattern of that dress. It looks like leopard but up close could be little flowers too...I guess it just maximizes your options!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

leopard print for sure! And yes, DryBar does magical things to my hair that I don't understand. I mean, I watch them the entire time, & I still could NEVER recreate it! I'm a hair styling failure!
Enter my current giveaway!

NewlyLoved said...

loving that blue color on you!
xo Jessica

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love the leopard print! and your necklace is so pretty!


Akshara Vivekananthan said...

I've been meaning to go to drybarrrrrr.forever! Your hair looks gorgeous!! I can't tell either if that's some sort of leopard print or flowers on your Gap top, but either way I really like it. It's the perfect pop of color! And don't even get me started on H&M; I should be banned from place. When I went to the H&M in NYC (a really long time ago), it was like I was in some sort of candy land.

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