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Two posts in a row? What is this madness?! I wanted to share my outfits from my trip to CA over the weekend before they become irrelevant. Then I'll plan on a little packing overview post (and there's a road-map for you). So here's my first look from my trip home:
 photo IMG_4180_zpsihbmercd.jpg
earrings: gift, necklace: H&M, shirt: from Carina (H&M), belt: F21, pants: Old Navy, flats: Old Navy

I think packing is a major headache for me because I'm usually rushing, and rushing to get packed so I can sleep so I can travel. Thinking about what I want to wear for the next four, five, or six days makes me panicked! How am I ever supposed to know?! 

What I've learned is, putting the time in to think and plan before your trip makes your life sooo muchhh easierrr when you're on your trip. It also eliminates the problem of opening up your suitcase and thinking "I hate everything I packed" and "None of this goes together!" Anyone ever felt that way? 
 photo IMG_4186_zpsvtge0obe.jpg
Like any responsible blogger, I longed to pack my entire closet, or at least all my favorite things. Newsflash: a long weekend home is not the time or place for those one-hit wonders that you love so much! Simple goes way, way further, and it always works as a chic outfit!

It helps that I've been loving simple looks lately [on Pinterest, other blogs, real-life outfits...] I attribute it to the hassle of layers in this seemingly never-ending winter, and maybe I'm just tired of over-thinking what to wear in the morning. Classics are classics for a reason, I suppose.
 photo IMG_4173_zpslj82xknv.jpg
Once I found myself agreeing with the fact that a simple t-shirt/jeans look can be just as pretty as a layer-y/printed/textured/remixed outfit, that's all I want to wear. All the time. 
I picked up a few pieces of jewelry on a recent shopping expedition (and my first trip to H&M Nashville). More treasures from that haul soon, don't doubt it. 

I read a blog recently [and I can't remember now what it was! If it is you, identify yourself!] where the blogger had a simple chain necklace like this is constant rotation and I thought, I have to get myself one of those! So, simple, again, yet fun enough to add a punch to any outfit. I wore it all weekend. Hunter also called me "50 Cent" all weekend. I'll take it, though!
 photo IMG_4172_zpsjxlqh0kc.jpg
A couple more outfit notes: this shirt was a random inheritance from my sister, yet another example of a random article of clothing become my favorite. These Old Navy pants are so well-loved in my closet that I'm about to have to be on my third pair, because they're supposed to be black. And it's finally flats weather again! Thank goodness because I have a couple (or a few...or four...) pairs I picked up on Old Navy clearance. This pair is rapidly becoming my favorite. 

OH. I wore this on the first day of my trip; while watching Hunter do yard-work for my mom, visiting my sister, having dinner at home, and laughing with some besties. More details from my trip here!

That's all for today. Stay tuned for the rest of my travel outfits this week! Thanks for reading.

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Larissa said...

This is like my favorite-ever outfit to wear: Jeans and striped Shirt and golden accessoires :) I love it! Happy you that you went to CA! I Can't wait to be in the US again (I will go in May :))
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Andi said...

I just saw a similar gold chain necklace on someone else and thought I should really get one! It's classy and fun at the same time!!

Midwest Muse said...

You look absolutely beautiful.

Kristian said...

I have a chain necklace similar to that (from my grandma; she couldn't deal with the clasp anymore) and wear it all the time too. As you point out- it goes with everything!

I love how you classic this outfit is. Great!

Bri Marie said...

LOVE this outfit, and love even more that you wore it at my alma mater, SCU :) :) And side note, but I'm in Nashville right now for work. We've been crossing paths!

Danielle Wallace said...

I'm so with you! I love a good simple and chic outfit. Yours looks so polished and put together! This makes me want to wear my gold chain necklace more. :)

Unknown said...

yes, spring usually brings out the hatred of layering, while autumn (where i am) starts to accentuate how much FUN it is :) I like your stripes nautical shirt with the gold necklace. Very classic.

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I totes agree, going home for a weekend is not a time for the super "blogger" looks… I still have a hard time resisting though! You look so cute!
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Unknown said...

Cute outfit! Nice and simple, perfect for a trip.

Thanks for linking up to Beautiful You!

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Anonymous said...

I love the gold chain and the 50 cent comments cracked me up, I'm sure my friends would make similar wisecracks. I'm the opposite of you when packing - firstly I love packing, I don't know why but it's like collecting all my favourite bits of stuff together and knowing the next time I wear it is somewhere fun. I think I've gotten really used to it what with the amount of touring I've had over the last two years! I also am notorious for packing "pointless" clothes; aka all my favourite patterned tights and playsuits, crowns, ears, sequinned things and then having no normal every day clothes and having to borrow jumpers and socks from whatever male happens to be around. Typically I never bring enough warm stuff! When I first started blogging I was on tour and wearing all these crazy outfits of stuff I wouldn't normally pair together and I remember writing the posts and thinking "people are gonna love or hate this shizz." Hahaha! I need to take a leaf out of your book and remember to pack simple classic items that can co-ordinate nicely :) XX

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I love this outfit! And I totally get what you're saying about planning out your outfits while you're packing - I've done it like that for the past few years now, and I've become VERY particular about it! haha!


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