weekend update: party animalz

hi! as weird as it sounds, I'm kinda relieved to be back in a normal Monday routine.

after the craziest week at work and a party-hardy start to the weekend, I spent Saturday & Sunday in the deepest chill possible. so, that was nice. I'm so type-A that by Sunday night I start to feel like I should be busy again, which actually makes for a nice ease back in to the week. and now it's back to work & life as normal!

so here's what I was up to last week (I realize Thursday is not technically the weekend but Friday seems like it didn't count as a real day --> I'm tacking it all on to the weekend.):IMG_4700
Thursday evening was our big party at work, we named it the New Folks Fiesta, because a party needs a theme and we wanted to have tacos. Turns out a fiesta themed party is very popular which made decor a breeze! Here's our board of (24!) new employees (in the last 6ish months.) You may spot a familiar face...
not gonna lie- party planning is a lot of work, but all really fun work. I mean, I got to pick out the pinatas (we had 3) and cactus centerpieces. also confetti is like my new best friend around here.
we advertised a "getting-to-know-you-game that doesn't suck" and it was super fun! basically we had did a "match the random fact to the person", nothing fancy, but man I work with some spunky folks!

who wants to know my fact? here it is: I had my first run-in with the po-po at the tender age of 3, when I threw a tantrum so spectacular that my concerned neighbors called the cops.

everyone guessed it super easily...not sure what that says about me now ;) I will maintain that I'M A THESPIAN!
yes we did have a margarita machine and yes it was awesome.
still learning with this lens, ok? here's proof that I was there wearing a mustache and proof that Kelley is the cutest.
 photo IMG_4686_zps88c30b6b.jpg
close-up of our cactus centerpieces & blanket tablecloths that I loved and made fantastic party favors!

and there's the party! I had a blast. love my worky friends.

Friday I was a zombie, then had to absolutely rally for the evening festivities. Andrea, Whitley, and I (plus our counterhearts) headed to a fancccyyyy garden party at Cheekwood called Highballs & Hydrangeas. my favorite part was the getting ready/pre-party at Whitley's house.
 photo IMG_4708_zps5685ab87.jpg photo IMG_4712_zps327956fe.jpg
there's not much sweeter than making new, close friends. I love these girls!
p.s. Whitley made us French 75s. I mean, fancymuch?!
 photo IMG_4742_zps58af9d39.jpg
then we aimed for a self-timer group picture...
 photo IMG_4749_zps390fa17b.jpg success!

I hoped to get some pictures at the actual event and did take my camera...but that didn't happen.
and there you have it, what I've been up to lately!

anyone still reading this post?
like I said, Saturday and Sunday were as chill as possible and so nice. 

Saturday I layed in bed as long as possible, Hunter & I went to an Indian buffet for lunch, and then he diligently accompanied me to Target and World Market for a grand total of about 4 hours. I'm indecisive! And I had to get new sheets and throw pillows and those decisions take forever and last foreverrrrr. I also got the velvet/nailheaded chair of my DREAMZ. can't wait to share.

Sunday we went to church, I went on a run that nearly killed me because it was pretty dang warm, and then Huntee got all theme party excited (and I cannot resist a good themed party) and had a little Masters viewing shindig. The boy just loves sports. We had Arnold Palmers & pimento cheese sandwiches.

ok, that's all for now. can't wait to catch up with you all! here's to a really great week. 


nicole s. said...

you hair is giving me life in those last few photos. i am of the minority of people who LOVE ice breaker games, and that is a GREAT one! will def put it in my pocket for future all-staff meetings!

xo nicole

Alissa said...

Oh my gosh what a fun party! Ice breaker games are HARD in general so anyone that can somehow have success with them is a genius!

Priya said...

love so much that my hair is giving you life. love it!

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