weekend update: birthday brunch & Weezer!

going into this past weekend, I kinda already knew Saturday would be one of my favorite days of life. as much as I enjoy a chill day where I can get stuff done (Sunday) I love a jam-packed day where one activity runs into another (Saturday.)

Saturday Christine hosted the most fabulous birthday brunch at her house (that I am pretty much obsessed with). her home is older and full of character, (the great room was once the general store for the neighborhood, and has the most wonderful high ceilings) but still has modern conveniences (Japanese toilets!)

yeah I know what you're thinking...I just texted her and said "oh shoot my blog post is turning into like House Hunters about your house!" anyway.

check out that classy spread! I was in heaven. (self-discovery of the weekend: I really super like fresh Mozzarella #ohyoufancyhuh.)

Mallory, me, Christine, & Emma

oh how I love my worky friends! I find myself stuck at their desks laughing or going on waaayy too often and I have to remind myself I'm at my job and I'm about to get fired.

House Hunters cont. Christine's (two-story and ample for company!) deck was the most lovely, sunny place to just hang all day. so we did. seriously it was so bright, you can hardly see my face! some fair-skinned friends were even getting red before Christine doled out the sunscreen because she is that awesome of a host. 
yes- back to the spread- Mallory made Monkey Bread that nearly killed me, those truffle-y looking things were filled with cake, breakfast casserole was involved, I brought grapes (?! yeah. right. why did I bring grapes?) everything was delicious and fashionably displayed.

Hunter does not need to be babysat at a party (which is a keeper quality, btw) but I always feel extra happy when he's out actually making friends and enjoying himself. so, if you ever invite us for a party, just make sure there's a sporty thing there and he'll feel right at home.


he partnered up with my adorable friend Kevin (the adorable one playing cornhole in a BUTTON-UP) and Kevin said he made a stellar partner. well-played, Huntee! 

so the plan was not necessarily to go pretty much straight to the concert...but brunch turned into "late afternoon continual snacking" and next thing you know, I ran home, put on some lipstick, and it was time. for. WEEZER! 

I rarely talk about music in these parts because I realized my own personal standard for music is "I love all the good stuff." also, like really I need more encouragement to sound ramble-y. But Weezer, there's a special place in my heart.

my brothers listened to them when I was just tiny (the Blue Album came out in 1994 which leaves me at the tender age of 3), Buddy Holly was my first music video, my friends & I were obsessed with them in middle school (this makes me feel so American- yay), I have the Blue Album in my car right now, etc. 

they were great! what a fun show, my first at the legendary Ryman (which I had toured, but never really experienced.) it was their Memories tour so we got a greatest hits set, slideshow/intermission, then the Blue Album in its' entirely. this is why I never talk about music. 

ok, best weekend, over & out! 


jackie jade said...

looks like such a fun weekend and I love house hunters and seeing other people's homes :) and I've seen weezer a few times and looooove them!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend! You always seem to have the best fun-filled weekends! That house is just gorgeous. No wonder you took so many pictures of it all!

Larissa said...

This looks soooo good! I am having a brunch at my place tomorrow and I am super exited... I had a lot of sandwich spreads, breads and cakes and will make a soup tomorrow moring... and some nut milk and fruit salad. Hey, it would be so awesome if you could join :)!!!!
Oh and I really would love to see a picture with your glasses on!!!
Lots of love and enjoy your weeeeeekend :)!

nicole s. said...

that brunch looks amazing. i went to a brunch last weekend and no one brought any normal brunch food, just weird casseroles. yours looks much, much better. also WEEZER!

xo nicole

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao that looks like such an amazing day!! The food looks deeeeeelish and you make me so hungry just with these photos (omg the truffles!! with cake inside?!?! omg!). Weezer has fantastic music so I bet it was a great concert. I'm so happy to see you having so much fun Priya :)


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