forgive me.

I know, now I'm one of those bloggers posing with the coffee cup. But bear with me here. 
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top- Target, jeans- Forever 21, boots- Frye 

These pictures actually seem symbolic of the nation of Canada to me! Before I left, I asked my (Canadian) friend Rachel about what I needed to do while I was in Canada. She said, "Go to a Tim Horton's!" So we did... nearly every day. 

Tim Horton's is primarily a breakfast spot, cheaper and less snooty than Starbucks, but cleaner and with more options than say, a Breugger's Bagels. So needless to say, I really enjoyed it. 

Tim Horton's, against the backdrop of Rail Canada, I mean, Canada tell me I'm your national anthem. 
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Other than that, not a whole lot to say about this outfit actually. It was simple, but very comfy, I liked it! Something about a flannel and brown boots feels so good when it's chilly outside. 

Though have I mentioned I rescued this shirt out of a giveaway bin in my old dorm and it may be my most worn flannel? If you're questioning the ethics of doing that, I also frequently put things in the bin. So, circle of life, if you ask me. 
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 photo IMG_5163_zps2d601ad4.jpg
I wore this on our last day in Jasper; north of Banff, west of Edmonton, the center of Jasper National Park. We walked through the town center and did a bit of shopping before making the drive back to Edmonton. 

Jasper was quite different than Banff, but I liked it a lot. It seemed much less commerical, more like a small town. Mom and I made an hour long walk through the town the night before, passing the old fire station, middle & high school, and dozens of unique homes. It all felt very charming and I couldn't help but wonder about the locals that lived there year-round!
 photo IMG_5161_zps6077b4c9.jpg
I saw quite a few trains running while we were there, so I'm assuming this one does. Something about these old looking trains is just so cool.

The scenery in Jasper was different than Banff, but still beautiful! It was actually a lot warmer there, which was a welcome relief! Almost felt like I was hiking in California in the late fall. The picture below is from our trip to the Maligne Canyon.

The canyon is over 160 feet deep in some spots! There was quite a bit of ice still at the bottom, some of it even looked like waterfalls that had frozen half-way down. Pretty neat.
 photo IMG_5141_zps7e50930a.jpg
My cute parents. Dad was so pleased with his walking "staff".

And by now I bet you're just about done hearing about my trip, which is perfect timing because I'm just about done blogging about it ;) I have a packing post coming up but then I'm really, truly back in real time!

Hope your week is off to a great start, and beautiful weather follows! 


nicole s. said...

those boots. i'm in deep, deep love with them.

xo nicole

Priya said...

thanks! it was a big purchase, but I don't think I regret it at all :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Yay for flannel!! I love that flannel shirt on you, perfect with jeans and boots. Cozy outfits with boots are definitely my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love me some summer dresses too but outfits like yours are my top choice always.

It sounds like you had such a great time in Canada! Will you be doing anymore traveling during the summer?

Alysia Avé said...

I've loved hearing all about your trip to Canada! It's like being there without being cold. Ha! You look so comfy in that flannel shirt and those beautiful boots!


Priya said...

answering that question over on your blog :)

Kristian said...

Every Canadian I've ever met has mentioned Tim Horton's at one point or another. SO... seems legit. I like the boots and flannel combo too.

Unknown said...

Love this!! You look great! Those boots are fabulous!

xo, Kenya

Anonymous said...

So bin here means like the rubbish, trash. I hope bin means something else in the US as I would hate if you're throwing your clothes away rather than recycling them but I think that is what you mean? Anyway, so jealous of your trip to Canada, somewhere I have never been but want to visit.

Speaking of visits… I am coming to the US! New York and Oregon… so nowhere near you :( but maybe somehow I can take a day trip somewhere nearish you and we can hang out?!?!?! I know nothing of American travel limitations but I'm optimistic we can meet! XXXX

Priya said...

really?? I'm feel validated then.

Priya said...

yup, it just means container (for recycling!)

Laila that would be so so awesome! you won't really be close to me, and unfortunately traveling within the US isn't quite as easy as Europe...but I'm optimistic! I would love it!!

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