Huntee-shoot with Zipporah!

that's it, I'm officially changing the name of my blog to "perfectly Procrastinated."

literally MONTHS ago, Huntee and I got the opportunity to shoot with the lovely and talented Zipporah of Zipporah Photography. especially considering how long we've been dating, we don't really have many photos together! so, the inner-sappy-romantic girl in me was really thrilled. the location was beautiful, the details really lovely, and we had an absolute blast. I am so happy to have some pretty photos with my Huneebear.

I tried to narrow it down, but, you know...
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0155_zps9f365920.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0078_zpse4b143e4.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0574_zps228df765.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0128_zps932a8a70.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0047_zps92e9fc20.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0022_zps0675eb1d.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0501_zps462c2a8c.jpg
I have to say I really like the ones of us laughing together the best. I look a little silly, but I remember that none of it felt forced, he just really made me laugh. and I want to remember the joy I'm feeling here next time things are feeling difficult. 
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography--10_zps58d9b8fa.jpg
quick outfit change...
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography--12_zps5fe49e78.jpg
 photo NashvillePhotographer-ZipporahPhotography-0701_zps31a7e3d2.jpg
all photos by Zipporah Photography

thank you THANK YOU Zipporah for capturing all of this! you are awesome to work with, and we would do it again anytime ;)

be sure and check her out if you're a fashion blogger, bride-to-be, or just love pretty photos.

you can also see more of our shoot + her blog post here.


Kristian said...

You. Look. STUNNING. And so in love! Great photos indeed!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Waaaaaaaooooo!!! These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I absolutely love them Priya!! You can see how in love you guys are and I love to see you so happy together. Congratulations!!

Brittney said...

This deserves to be an ad campaign. Both of you are so photogenic (and what a snazzy outfit he's got on too!). I love the laughing picture as well, I can see how much you guys like being around each other just from the light in your eyes.

Another Beautiful Thing

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! You guys look amazing together!!!

xo, Kenya

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

OMG these pictures are so cute! You guys are so adorable and these pictures are amazing!

Priya said...

thanks so much Kristian! Zipporah did a really great job.

Priya said...

thank you Marie :) that is really sweet.

Priya said...

aww Brittney, thank you girl!! definitely worked with him to pick out his outfit :) I'm just so happy to have some "happy/fun" pictures together, not just pretty ones!

Priya said...

thanks Kenya! I appreciate it!!

Priya said...

thank you Sara! I was pretty happy with them. so glad we could work with an awesome photographer!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Oh my gosh Priya!!! These pictures are SOOOOO adorable!! I hope you frame them and put them in a collage in your place. Seriously, they are SUPER adorable. I know what you mean about not having a ton of pictures together. It's normally just one of us in the picture because the other is taking it but having a nice set of cute pics like this makes everything better I think :)

Priya said...

thanks Lauren! I really do need to get some prints framed. I was so excited to get a shoot like this done!

Elana said...

AH, PRIYA! I was just catching up on your posts and scrolling through, but I literally gasped when I saw this one. These photos are GORGEOUS and you two are seriously just the absolute cutest! I am in love with these photos! And can we just talk about how amazing both of these outfits are? Because they are. Basically, you're perfect.

Hope you're having a good summer so far!

Priya said...

thank you so much! and thanks, I definitely sweated a bit over the perfect outfit(s) for the shoot. glad they turned out ok.

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